How To Use Your Pool For A Backyard Staycation
backyard staycation pool

If you are unable to get away this year, here are some tips to make your backyard your own oasis. Add some interesting landscaping around your pool and backyard. Something as simple as a palm tree can change the feel of your backyard and make it feel tropical. Another nice addition to your pool would be an attachable waterfall. With new-age technologies, people have invented ways to add and easily install pool waterfalls. 

Benefits of Staying Home

While going on a vacation is nice, the negative of it is the money spent. By staying home, you have nice relaxing pool days and the benefit of saving money on hotels and food. The staycation helps you to stay home to test recipes and fire up the grill outdoors. Dining outside by your pool makes this the perfect activity. One of the most relaxing aspects of a vacation is laying by the pool with a refreshing drink in hand. Listening to the sound of the water, enjoying a beverage, and going for a nice swim can make a staycation perfect. Even after the sun goes down, a nice fire pit by the water can be the most relaxing place to be. Finally, the addition of lounge chairs or hammocks makes the space by the pool that much more aesthetically pleasing and makes a relaxing environment. 

Health Benefits of Staycation

Staycation and days at home can reduce your stress levels. One day off can reduce your cortisol levels and help improve your sleep. Another thing most people forget about is the planning aspect of a vacation and the stress that comes with that. Families have to plan to go to places like Disney or any beach. Making sure each family member enjoys the trip, as well as the planning, can add to your stress. Staying home and making your backyard your own personal oasis can make your house the life of the party and a relaxing place for your staycation. 

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