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Above-ground swimming pools come with many helpful features that make them perfect for a yard of almost any size. Unlike in-ground pools, they don’t take weeks upon weeks to install. It’s also possible to take one apart and move it with you if you ever relocate to a different property. While an in-ground pool does add value to your property, you lose it the moment you move away.

Above-ground swimming pools also don’t have to be significantly smaller than in-ground swimming pools. We have several brands and styles of above-ground pools that are about the size of the average residential in-ground pool.

Being above-ground means they can’t be as deep, but that may be better if you have smaller children, dogs, or aren’t the best swimmer. Being shallower makes them safer and also requires less maintenance. The lack of depth means there’s less water in the pool, which is less water to clean. The cost of chemicals likely isn’t as high as you may think. The experts at Aqua Leisure can help and explain.


Nothing beats an above-ground pool from Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas for immediate, affordable family fun. Whether you want a do-it-yourself pool kit or a professional package with expert installation, we have the perfect size, shape, and style for you. Choose from the best brands, constructed with the finest materials, factory-approved techniques, and full warranty protection for years of enjoyment.

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