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When it comes to summer fun in the sun, many families find that the most economical and efficient option is to install an above-ground pool. With nationwide averages on above-ground swimming pools between $1,500 to $5,000 compared to the median price of an in-ground pool at $30,000, it’s no wonder why so many families love the above-ground swimming pool options of Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas! If you’re still on the fence, let us help you choose an above-ground pool.

Affordability of an Above-Ground Pool

Picture this. You and your family are considering a week-long vacation to one of the happiest places on earth–Disney World. While you may be thinking about the price of park tickets, travel, and accommodations, it’s worth it, right? Of course, your kids love Disney.

But then you start to total the costs. Mommy blogger Megan Zander shared how much her family of four spent in a 2018 trip to Disney and it’s actually quite astonishing. For a seven-night Disney World vacation for a family of four, the family spent more than $8,000! 

For $8,000 you can have your own backyard swimming pool for 15 years! And even splurge on fun pool accessories the kids will love!


Many pool buyers think that an in-ground pool is the only type that will allow them to customize their backyard oasis. The reality can’t be further from the truth.

At Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas, we offer the best of the best in above-ground pools that are available in a variety of sizes, most can be round or oval, and have options for decking.

  • The Palm Aluminum
  • The Kingston
  • The Milano
  • The Admiral’s Walk Rectangular Pool

In addition to these above-ground models, we also carry semi in-ground pools. Made for yards that slope, this is a perfect pool for many families in NEPA who live in hilly regions. 


We know how it goes–you tell the kids you’re getting a swimming pool and they want it ready yesterday. And who can blame them!

That’s why the above-ground swimming pools from Aqua Leisure Pool and Spa are so great. We offer do-it-yourself pool kits or professional packages with expert installation so your kids can splish-splash in the pool in no time.

Safety of an Above-Ground Pool

When it comes to young children and family pets, many worry that having a pool in their backyard is welcoming accidents. However, with an above-ground pool, the entry points are higher, giving you added peace of mind. In addition, removable ladders and fences can add extra security to your family.

Hassle-Free Maintenance – Above-Ground Pool

We know that a lot of families worry that the cost of upkeep will make it difficult to keep their pools running. Because of the smaller sizes available in above-ground pools and the construction in general, you will spend less on maintenance and cleaning for your pool than an in-ground pool. 

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The added benefit of an above-ground pool is that if you decide you want to upgrade to an in-ground pool or you simply want to remove the pool, take-down is easy. Though you’ll have a bare spot in your yard where the pool once was, it’s much easier to plant grass seed than to fill in and repair an in-ground pool location.

We know that the decision to add a swimming pool to your backyard is a tough one. If you need help making that decision, take a look at our swimming pool selection guide. We also have pool professionals on the clock ready to take your calls and work with you to start building your backyard oasis.


Your vision for your home oasis is just a phone call away. Contact Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas today to begin the process.

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