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Across the internet, when you search for a hot tub or spa, you’re bound to be bombarded with falsehoods about the care, maintenance, and hygienic practices of utilizing these spas. We know because we see them too.

Here at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas, we want to put your worries at ease and give you the truth about relaxing in your own spa.

Myth #1: Hot Tub Water Burns Your Eyes.

Many inexperienced hot tub users claim that the chlorine used to sanitize their spa systems causes their eyes, and sometimes skin, to burn. Oftentimes, this is a simple chemical imbalance of the pH and alkalinity that can be tested and treated for with a simple water sample.

You may be using too much chlorine or not the correct type of cleaner for your spa system. This can be simply remedied so you can enjoy your hot tub once again, and we’re happy to help with that.

Myth #2: Hot Tubs Are Dirty.

You remember growing up and one of your friends had a hot tub. Your mom would insist you didn’t go in it because it was dirty and a breeding ground for bacteria.

Your mom was lying to you, champ.

While hot tubs do require cleaning to stay safe, as long as your tub’s filtration system works properly, it’ll do the work for you. These myths of dirty tubs often stem from owners who did not have their filtration system set up correctly. Luckily, our team at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas will walk you through the process so your spa stays as new and clean as it was the day you bought it.

To keep your hot tub sparkling clean, every few months simply rinse off the filter to keep it running good as new.

Myth #3: Bigger Jets Mean Better Massages.

We have been led to believe that bigger is better when buying anything. Unfortunately, that is not true. Bigger jets, meaning the horsepower rating, doesn’t actually impact how good the massages will be.

Horsepower only refers to how much energy the pump uses, not how strong the water flow is. Instead, what you need to look at is the gallons per minute rating the hot tub pump has.

If you are buying a quality system, the horsepower should be low, taking less energy to push water.

Myth #4: More Jets = More Massage Points.

This is also not true. Designing a hot tub is actually rather complicated. Too few jets means that the pressure buildup can make the massage painful, while too many jets can lead to low pressure and not that great of a massage.

Balance is key, as it is in all areas of life. It’s important to know what you need in your hot tub to get the most use out of it.

Myth #5: Bleach is As Good As Other Chemicals.

Remember how you thought hot tubs burn your eyes? Well, using bleach to sanitize the water won’t help with that.

You wouldn’t want to take a bath in bleach water, so you definitely won’t want to relax in it either. Bleach is not only harsh on your skin but can cause damage to your tub including:

  • The filter
  • The surface of the tub
  • The spa cover
  • Ruin the water balance

Using bleach to save a few bucks will cost you big in the long run. It’s better to talk to your hot tub professionals so your tub can last a long time.

Myth #6: Antifreeze Keeps the Water From Freezing in the Winter.

This is less a false fact and more something that’s kind of true but you shouldn’t do. Antifreeze can keep the tub’s water from freezing, but you’d have to keep pouring it into your water regularly in copious amounts.

More importantly, it’ll make the water incredibly harmful to your skin. Antifreeze doesn’t suddenly become safe for people’s skin after being applied to water.

Myth #7: Clean Filters in the Dishwasher.

There are all kinds of things wrong with this idea. First, you damage the filter by putting it in the dishwasher. Spa filters are not made for the temperatures and high pressures of the average dishwasher. Dishwashers heat water to a minimum of 120°F. You think your spa is hot, but this way hotter.

Even if dishwashers used cold water instead, the dish soap from the washing cycle would still ruin your spa filter. It can leave a gross film that gets into the hot tub after you put it back, if you even can.

And even then, it gets worse. A ruined filter will cause an imbalance in your water, meaning whatever chemicals you used in your hot tub are no longer right. You could be jumping into water that hasn’t actually been cleaned, or water that’s going to damage your skin after it’s done with the germs.

Just don’t put your filters in the dishwasher.


You deserve a beautiful, relaxing pool to soak in after a long day. But you may have questions that other spa salesmen will give you the runaround on. That’s why you need the professionals of Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. We’ll find the hot tub of your dreams with your needs in mind. Contact us today!

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