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The East Coast’s Largest Display Of In-Ground Pools With 30 Full-Size Pools In Stock! 123

Isn’t it time you finally have the in-ground swimming pool of your dreams? Enjoy the joys of summer and “soak in the memories” in the comfort of your own yard by relaxing, having fun, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends in your very own swimming pool. Come to Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas to see our in-ground pools! We can help you find the swimming pool that’s perfect for you and your family!

We can show you all the different pool models, additional accessories, and cleaning materials you need. We aim to make the process as easy, simple, and fun as possible. It should be nothing but exciting to get a pool that will be in your house for years to come.


Latham Pools Bermuda Model Aqua Leisure


Latham Pools Laguna Model Aqua Leisure


Latham Pools Cancun Model Aqua Leisure


Latham Pools Fiji Model Aqua Leisure


Latham Pools Claremont Model Aqua Leisure


Latham Pools Kingston Model Aqua Leisure

Olympia 16

Latham Pools Olympia Model Aqua Leisure


Okeanos Betha Model Aqua Leisure


Okeanos Libra Model Aqua Leisure


Fiberglass pools are the best pools for the climate in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They are designed to stand up against our extreme weather, both cold and hot. Other pools can for a far shorter amount of time and require maintenance at several points in their lifespan.

These are available to be installed during the current winter season and upcoming spring season so you have your pool ready for the entire summer. With fiberglass pools from Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas, you have:

  • Size and style customization
  • Package deals
  • Concrete included in the cost
  • Underwater pool lights
  • Large selection
  • Diving board
  • 40-year warranty
  • Slides
  • Diving boards
  • Automatic vacuums
  • Safety covers
  • Choice of gas heaters or electric heaters
  • Saltwater systems

Some of the upgrades and features discusses with customers in regard to in-ground pool.


The Team At Aqua Leisure Pools And Spas Will Help Make Your Dream A Reality!

Our fiberglass swimming pools are constructed of the highest quality materials. Furthermore, they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, features, and colors. Each fiberglass swimming pool is designed with graceful curved shapes with built-in swim-outs and large sweeping curved entry pool steps that allow for easy access and generous in-pool seating. We can add available pool jets to the side of the steps for a relaxing swimming pool experience.

Most importantly, while a fiberglass pool is more expensive up front, they cost less to maintain, keep clean, and its lining lasts for decades. In the long run, you’d save more money with a fiberglass pool than with a vinyl-lined pool.


We work with separate third-party financing companies that offer options for pools and spas, including GreenSky and Lyon Financial. Inquire today about our various financing options.

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