Pool Glossary for Beginners

man sitting on the side of pool with his legs in the water and a book in his hands

Keeping up with the maintenance of your swimming pool is essential to ensuring that it lasts for years to come. So, why not learn about the most important terms used in swimming pool lingo? Check out this pool glossary of terms that our pool professionals believe every pool owner should know. Pool Glossary Terms Acid […]

Simple Swimming Strokes

competitive swimmer using swimming strokes

While many of us just enjoy lounging on a pool float with our sunglasses on and a drink in our hand, there are some days where knowing how to efficiently swim comes in handy. Whether you’ve fallen into a lake and need to get back to the boat or if you just want to show […]

Items Every Pool Owner Should Have

pool accessories next to a blue inground pool

When you own a pool, it’s likely that summer parties and BBQs are held at your house. Now, as a party host, you want your guests to have the best time, while also keeping them safe. To get the most enjoyment out of your pool while doing your best to ensure all who use it […]

The World’s Coolest Pools

An example of one of the World's Coolest Pools

When it comes to swimming pools, a typical in-ground or above-ground pool is sufficient for cooling down on a hot summer day. But sometimes people tend to go above and beyond with their swimming pools, creating incredible masterpieces. These works of art deserve some recognition, so here are the top ten most unique pools around […]

Understand Your Swimming Pool Filtration System

Man using pool cleaning tool on in ground pool

Owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility. After you’ve taken care of one for a few years, there’s a good chance that you’re a pro at cleaning it and keeping your pool filtration system running at its best. But if you’re a first-time pool owner, it may seem overwhelming trying to understand every part. […]

Pool Chemical Safety and Storage

Chemical Storage at an indoor pool

When it comes to maintaining your pool, you want it to look its best. To do so, you need to use several pool-approved chemicals. While they may be acceptable for your pool, they can still be dangerous to you and your loved ones’ health and safety. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your pool […]

Salty Summers Without the Beach

man dumping salt in a Saltwater Pool

There’s something about saltwater that just screams summer. Maybe it’s the memories of spending time with your friends or family at the beach all day with your toes in the sand. Maybe it’s the memories of smelling the salty air as you walked down the brightly lit boardwalk at night, eating French fries with vinegar. […]

Keeping Clean with Chemicals

Pool Chemicals

When warmer weather makes its debut, the first thing pool owners are eager to do is open their pool. Once the pool is opened, the whole family is ready for some summer fun. But how do you keep your pool as fresh as the first day for the rest of the season? Here’s a breakdown […]

Above-Ground, In-Ground, What’s Better All Around?

women floating in an Above-Ground Pool

When it comes to investing in a swimming pool, you want to ensure that you’re getting the pool that best suits your needs. Should you get an in-ground fiberglass pool or would a vinyl-lined above-ground pool be more beneficial? The pros at Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas are here to break it down for you. […]

An Update Surrounding COVID-19

As we have received many inquiries about our hours of operation and services, we wanted to update our customers on the current status of our store during COVID-19. At this time, customers are not permitted to shop inside our store. We will, however, be opening pools for customers upon request. As per Governor Tom Wolf’s orders: Operating […]

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