What Are the Most Popular Games to Play in the Pool?

pool games

Pools are supposed to be fun. Sure, they’re good for lounging around on an inflatable and drinking mai tais or martinis, but some pools feel designed for fun aquatic games. For some people, it’s all about swimming around and floating back and forth, but others like to do more. Kids more than anyone else love […]

What is Mineral Water for Your Pool?

mineral water

There’s a misconception that chlorine does most of the cleaning for a pool. It’s actually the filtration system that does the majority of the cleaning. The chemicals take care of the small number of germs and pathogens that the filtration system doesn’t get rid of. The type of pool water you use–whether it’s chlorine pool […]

How Do Pool Chemicals Work?

pool chemicals

There are a lot of pool myths surrounding pool chemicals. You’ve probably heard of the common myths like pool chemicals causing itchy eyes, chlorine water turning blonde hair green, or even that the smell of chemicals means clean water. Myths like these arise from a lack of facts and understanding, but if everyone knew how […]

Facts About Swimming Pools!

swimming pool facts

We’ve been swimming for fun for millennia, with the oldest swimming pool dating back to 3000 B.C. But in Pennsylvania, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find someplace to swim. To swim whenever you want through the summer, you should have a swimming pool. Learn some interesting pool facts about one of […]

Can Spas Use Saltwater?

saltwater spas

We’ve all heard of saltwater pools, but are there saltwater spas? First, let’s clarify that this is different than the saltwater that you find at the beach. It simply refers to how the pool operates as the kind of water that goes into your pool or spa is based on its cleaning system. Choosing between […]

What Types of Water Can Go in A Swimming Pool?

types of water for the swimming pool

Most swimming pools use chlorinated water. Out of the gate, it’s the cheapest option, and, as far as many people know, the only option. However, there are two more viable options: a saltwater pool and a mineral pool. You don’t have to use heavily chlorinated water, so as you’re planning to re-open your pool or […]

7 Common Pool Myths

pool myths

When we think of myths, we usually think of stories about mermaids and friendly pirates, but they also apply to real-world items. Hot tub myths have spread misinformation about these fun, relaxing, and soothing baths. There are so many homes that would have a pool but don’t because they’re afraid of something incorrect that someone […]

What Spa Brands Do We Carry?

spa brands

Depending on how well you take care of it, a hot tub can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years. This means that some people can have multiple hot tubs throughout their lives. It wouldn’t be safe to assume that people have brand loyalty to spa brands, which means they’re open to learning about the […]

In-Ground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

above ground pool

There are two main types of pools: in-ground pools and above-ground pools. The main difference is in their names: one is in the ground and the other is constructed above it. In-ground pools are permanently installed in your backyard, right in the ground. Above-ground pools are built without any digging, and in some cases can […]

When Should You Open Your Pool?

opening your pool

With the weather warming up, it’s almost that time of the year again when you can open your pool. For some, it may be time already, but with this recent winter being one of the colder ones, it’s hard to tell for sure when you should open yours. The colder the winter, the longer you […]

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