Facts About Spas
personal spa

Hot tubs have been around since 1968 and there have been many different styles created throughout the years. The best thing about a personal spa is it’s something that you can keep open year-round because it is more than just a tub filled with hot water – it relaxes and massages the body.

Having hot tubs in Pennsylvania is extremely beneficial because we are one of the states that experiences all four seasons. Unfortunately, our summer season only lasts about three months, leaving us with plenty of chilly weather after. Just like pools, hot tubs are an investment but they can stay open all year long. Learn more!

Spa Fun Fact #1: Benefits Your Health

Studies have shown that 15 minutes in a hot tub per day, for a few days straight can result in an 11% drop in the stress hormone cortisone. It is known to ease muscle pain and tension in joints. People also find that relaxing in a spa before bed improves their sleep.

Spa Fun Fact #2: Humans Aren’t The Only Ones Enjoying Hot Tubs

One of the best fun facts about spas is that monkeys have been found in Nagano Prefecture in Japan enjoying a soak in the warm water of a natural hot spring. They visit the spas during the winter months as a way to keep warm.

Spa Fun Fact #3: Soaking = Weight Loss

Studies have shown that frequently soaking in a good quality hot tub can help with weight loss. It correlates the same as it would be sitting in a sauna, except you are sitting in the water this time. It also boosts metabolism.

Spa Fun Fact #4: Fun For Celebrations

If you are looking to have a gathering in your home during the winter, a hot tub is a great way to make a statement. It was found that over 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in a hot tub per year.

Spa Fun Facts #5: World Record

Hot tubs hold a title and a record that they can only break. The Guinness Book of World Records awarded the title of the most international hot tub in 2016 to the Backstreet Boys. There were 30 people from 30 different countries all in one hot tub.

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