Gift Guide for Fellow Pool Owners
gift guide for pool owners

If someone you know has a pool and you’re looking for a gift to give them for a special occasion, consider a gift for their pool.  Their backyard oasis is probably one of, if not their most visited location of the summer. This makes adding to their paradise only fitting. New bathing suits and goggles will get a lot of use, and personalized towels and floating cups for beverages will add a fun flair to any day, but the best ideas are yet to come. Below is the perfect gift guide for pool owners. 

Floating Lounge Chair

Why recline next to your pool when you can recline in it instead? With float options just as comfortable as the reclining chairs outside of your pool, this is a no-brainer. 

For relaxation, we recommend purchasing a float with a headrest or pillow area for maximum comfort. Cup holders in the arms of the float are also a perfect feature to look for, taking the float to the next level. There are many great options and a comfortable pool float is every person’s dream on a hot day.

Fun and interactive floats are also the perfect way to add some extra fun to a pool, especially if there are kids around. Animal floats are especially popular right now, giving you a fun place to float and a spectacular photo opportunity. Any pool noodles are great for the more active of the crew as well. These will keep those afloat that don’t want to just sunbathe, and instead are ready for a day full of swimming around and playing games with others. 

Outdoor Games for Pool Owners and Friends

Outdoor games for a pool area are fun for all, no matter how young or old, and the best part is there are so many options! Floating volleyball nets and basketball hoops are an awesome way to have fun for all ages, and there will be no lack of competition with these games. For the younger ones, pool torpedoes are great for diving games, and this allows those out of the water to play with the swimmers.

There are plenty of poolside game options available as well, ensuring fun times all day long. Kan Jam is a great option for people to team up and compete against each other, and the game will be action-packed! Keep the competition going with water guns for all! Whether it’s a war between two teams or a surprise attack, these will keep everyone cool and entertained. If you’re looking to find someone a calmer game to play while relaxing outside, Jenga is a great fit. While still keeping people hooked, it is not as active and tiring as other options. 

Automatic Pool Vacuum

While this idea may be on the pricier side, it is a savior to any pool owner, landing it on our gift guide. Keeping a pool clean and in good condition includes hours of work a week and tedious efforts. Many won’t take the plunge and buy one themselves as they are purchasing other necessities for their pool instead, but this is a gift they will never forget. 

If you save them time and hard work, they will have more time to enjoy their pool instead of cleaning it. This is a gift that never gets old, making it worth it despite the price tag. 

Pool Organization

There’s nothing less relaxing than seeing clutter lying everywhere, which is why any type of pool organizer is a great gift. Pool floats, games, cleaning supplies, and all other items should have a spot of their own, and you could even organize in style! 

With pool organizers coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, you’re bound to find one that isn’t a sight for sore eyes. Whether it’s simple bins or larger pool organizers, this is the perfect way to help people say goodbye to a messy backyard. 

Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Pool Owners

No pool day is complete without background music to set the vibe. Portable speakers are great for playing music, all while making it as easy as possible! Bluetooth allows for all of the DJing to come straight from your phone, that way your gift recipient never has to leave their chair, making it a must on our gift guide. A great additional feature to look for is waterproof or water-resistant speakers, that way no one has to worry about it being in the splash zone. A list of some of the best speakers of 2022 according to techradar can be found here. This gift can amp up a pool party or complete the energy for a relaxing day, making it one you can’t go wrong with. 

Where To Begin Your Shopping: Aqua Leisure! 

If you’re ready to set out in search of the perfect gift from our gift guide, Aqua Leisure should be first on your list of stops! With relaxing and entertaining pool floats and games that will bring fun for hours, we are sure we will have just what you’re looking for. Contact us today!