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You spend hours working on getting your pool crystal clear. After spending hundreds of dollars on chemicals to clean the water, you still can’t figure out why the water is green. Chances are you have an issue with your pool filtration system. Take a look at these common pool filtration errors and how you can fix them!

Pool Water is Filthy

You’ve tested the water balance, added chlorine, shock, even tried emptying the pool and starting anew. Why is it still filthy? 

You may be running into an issue with your pool filter. When you backwash your pool, you may see a bit of dirt pushback into the water–but nothing crazy. 

But when it’s an excessive amount of debris, you may need to look at the valve. You may have an issue where it simply isn’t bypassing the water into the filter the way it should be, in essence just pushing and pulling that nasty water back and forth.

Pool Water is Cloudy

If your pool isn’t dirty, but certainly is not as clear as it should be, you also may have a filter problem. After you’ve tested your water to make sure it is balanced, take an inventory on your pool filtration system.

Are you running it long enough? Are the pump and filter the proper size for the pool? Are there issues with the valves?

In some cases, you may not be running your filter long enough. However, if the filter is too small for the size of the pool, you may be making it work harder than it can, simply causing the water to never truly filter through the system.

The Filter Doesn’t Seem to Be Pushing Water Through

The entire point of the pool filtration system is to move the water in and out and purify it of any debris. Unfortunately, when you notice that water isn’t moving through the filter, that’s a problem.

If the pressure gauge is reading zero, or close to it while the pump is running, there may be an issue with the gauge face. If you are certain that water is moving, but you still are not getting a reading, there may be a clog within the air bleeder. 

But if you know for a fact that water is not coming in or out, you likely have a clog before the filter. Check the pump basket, impeller, pipe, or skimmer. Cleaning these out is a simple fix. But if there is a broken valve before the pump, you may need a quick trip to the hardware store.

The Water Is Moving Too Fast

If the pump is moving too fast, and therefore the water is moving too quickly to filter out impurities, your pool filter is dirty. You should backwash your filter or clean the cartridges to get a clean start and rebalance the pressure.

The Ring Around the Filter Is Leaking

It’s a pool–leaks can happen. What you need to do is first, shut off the filter and drain the filter tank. Then, remove the ring around the filter and remove any dirt and debris around it. Chances are it’s too dirty, causing the filter to not seal correctly.

Replace the ring if necessary. If it’s still in working shape, lubricate the ring and replace it on top again. If the issue persists, there may be warping at the top of your filter.

Leaky, dirty, or weak filter? No problem. Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas can help!

If you’re running into issues with your pool’s water filtration system and you just don’t know where to begin, call the pool professionals at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. We can walk you through the process or tell you if the filter needs replacing. Call our Wilkes-Barre or Dickson City location today!

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