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Do you know what the most popular pool shapes are? Rectangles and irregular shapes. While irregular-shaped pools like the Patriot can technically be any size, it’s common for them to resemble something with a long length and shorter width, with room for stairs, waterfalls, slides, and any other additional features you want. That’s what the two shapes have in common over other shapes.

But, not everyone wants a rectangle. For some people, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. If you have an irregular-shaped pool, like the Patriot, chances are that your pool will be different from all of your friends. Even if you both have the Patriot in your backyards, with the added features you can choose from, your pool will be your own.


It can be nerve-wracking to shop for a pool, especially if it’s your first time and you’re unsure of what you need. If you know how much free space you have in your yard, we can tell what pools do and don’t fit. If you’re looking for an irregular pool that will fit in a smaller yard, the Patriot is one of our smaller models that makes a big splash.

While it may be a slightly smaller pool design, don’t let that fool you. This model is perfect for an individual as well as a group of friends. The pool is 23′ long by 12′ wide. The depths range from 3′ 6″ in the shallow end to 5′ 5″ in the deep end.

We also offer a wide variety of pool options to help you customize your backyard getaway. Be sure to visit our options section to look at the many wonderful options available for you today.


The Patriot Dimensions

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