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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Spa

Aaaahhh…Your very own backyard oasis. The latest lifestyle trend has homeowners striving to recreate a spa retreat in their homes. Relax, entertain, and feel better. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But there are so many choices. We’ve put together some valuable information designed to help you make your spa search a bit easier and get you ready to buy a spa.

Four Important Factors to Consider

There are four important factors to consider when you’ve decided to buy a spa. They are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Jet Package/pump size
  • Features
  • Your dealer

Energy Efficiency

Imagine two spas identical in size, holding the same amount of water, located in the same backyard, used identically, but one costs 5 times as much to operate. Why? The difference is the method of insulation. Insulation is the most important factor when it comes to the energy efficiency of a spa. There are several different types. Which one is best?

Basic Insulation

Basic insulation consists of a thin layer of polyurethane applied to the understructure of the spa shell. The biggest benefit of basic insulation is the low price. A major drawback is it will be considerably more expensive to heat. Where do you typically see basic insulation – Mass Merchants – where the only consideration is the price.

Full Foam Insulation

Full foam insulation consists of filling the area between the shell and cabinet sub-floor with a thick layer of solid rigid foam. An excellent way to insulate and very energy efficient. So what’s the problem? Service. Since the plumbing and jets are encapsulated in the foam, service is extremely difficult and can be very costly should your spa need repairs.

Insuloc Insulation

Insuloc insulation consists of insulating the spa shell and the skirt creating a dead air space under the spa much in the same way a thermos bottle or thermal pane window would be constructed. Not only will the spa be well insulated, but now every jet and the spa plumbing are fully accessible for service. Well insulated and easy to service – makes sense doesn’t it?

Jet Package/Pump Size

How many jets are enough? Although good jet coverage in a spa is important, our opinion is the variety of jets is actually a more important feature to spa owners. Micro jets, turbojets, double spinners, fluidix, volcano, and whirlpool are all types of jets that are going to enhance your spa experience. When choosing your jet package – variety, variety, variety. Remember, the jets are only as good as the pumps behind them. When it comes to spa pumps, size does matter!


Okay, so we have the construction covered, but what about the features? Spas can be sold as basic models all the way to fully-loaded backyard resorts.


Most spas will have some type of lighting package with more deluxe models offering perimeter lighting and LED light shows.

Ozone Generator

This unit offered on higher-end spas converts oxygen to ozone and acts as a water purification system for the spa – a must for most spa buyers.

Audio Equipment

Weatherproof stereo systems, MP3 players, and satellite radio receivers all add to the ultimate spa experience.

Cover Lifter

By investing in a cover lifter, you will take the work out of removing the spa cover, and also have a place to store the cover while you relax.

Your Dealer

Find a dealer that has a large display of spas. Also, make sure your dealer is full service and has a service team that is solely devoted to spa service. Larger dealers will normally have better price points since their volume buying assures you of a lower cost. Stay off the internet! Using the internet for information gathering is great; purchasing a spa sight unseen is not a wise move.


Building your backyard oasis requires professional input! Our pool and spa professionals from Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas will walk you through the process and have you ready to splash into summer fun in no time! Visit our Tannersville, Dickson City, or Wilkes-Barre locations to speak with a pool professional, or visit us online to contact us today!

Your vision for your home oasis is just a phone call away. Contact Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas today to begin the process and buy a spa.


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