Sun Skin Care Tips
sun skin care

Your health should be your first priority in everything that you do. The same is true when you want to swim. For many of us, all we want to do is soak up as much sun as we can while the sun is out. However, being in the sun all day can harm your skin. Although some skin types are more sensitive than others, it’s still essential to protect your skin. There are steps you can take before you go out into the sun, after being in the sun all day, and if you get sunburned. Aqua Leisure has a great selection of swimming pools for you to choose from, and we have some skin care tips to go with them.

Pre-Sun Skin Care Tips

This is the most important step when protecting your skin from the sun. Doing this makes getting sunburned much more preventable. Moisturizing is something you will hear often when going through these tips.

Our skin tends to dry out fast when we are in chlorine and the sun all day. These two factors make you more susceptible to sunburn. When you are sunburned, your skin is dry and peeling. It’s harder to hold moisture when your skin is already so dry.

It is recommended that you find a lighter form of lotion in addition to using sunscreen. You should always exfoliate before going out into the sun. Exfoliating takes away dead skin and can prevent uniform tanning. It is recommended that you exfoliate a few days before going out into heavy sun rays.

Also, never forget that sunscreen is your best friend! You must always apply sunscreen before going into the sun. There are different levels of sun protection factor (SPF). SPF determines how long you can stay in the sun before burning. There are different types of sunscreen, some are waterproof so that you can be in the water all day and still be protected. Discover which one is best for your skin.

Post-Sun Skin Care Tips

You’ve just finished a full day in the sun, now let’s treat the skin. Post-sun skin care is just as essential and beneficial as pre-sun skin care. Moisturizing is still the main factor in skin care. Being in the sun does dry out your skin tremendously. It is important to make sure you are moisturizing after being in the sun for several hours.

It is also recommended that you soak your body in cool water after a hot day and not a hot shower. Hot water dries out the skin. Cool water will minimize inflammation caused by the sun’s UV rays. This also prevents further dehydration of the skin.

You want to make sure when you shower that you are deep cleansing your skin to get rid of all the oils, sweat, dirt, sunscreen, etc. You don’t want your pores to get clogged making it harder to soak up your sunscreen the next time you go out.


As cautious as you can be, you can still get sunburned. Sunlight itself is hot and gives off strong UV rays. If you do get sunburned you should stay out of the sun to prevent sun poisoning for the next few days.

When you are sunburned, your skin will blister, peel, feel painful to the touch, and have extreme redness. People treat their sunburn according to themselves, but here are some recommendations. Aloe is your best friend; it soothes the skin, has a cooling effect, and moisturizes your skin. Many find it effective to rub ice upon the irritated skin area, it cools it and reduces inflammation and redness. Picking or scratching at the affected area only makes it worse. You should allow the area to heal on its own with proper treatment. 

Skin Care with Aqua Leisure

Here at Aqua Leisure, we want you to be healthy while you’re enjoying your swimming pool! We will always be here to help you choose your favorite type of swimming pool, inground or above-ground but safety is key. Have fun in the sun & be safe! Contact us for more information on the right pool for you!