The Equipment You Need For Your Swim Spa
swim spa equipment

Operating a swim spa can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but it requires the right equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From pumps and filters to safety covers and chemicals, there is a wide variety of essential items you need to keep your swim spa at its best.

Here, we’ll discuss the different types of equipment required for operating and caring for your swim spa. Read on to learn more about what you need for your oasis!

Swim Spa Equipment That You Need

Pumps and Filters

A pump is an essential piece of equipment for operating a swim spa. It works by drawing water from the swim spa and pumping it through a filter, which removes debris and contaminants to keep the water clean. The pump then recirculates the water back into the swim spa, ensuring that it stays in motion and not sitting stagnant.

Swim spas come with pumps and filters, but these initial pumps and filters don’t last forever. Filters especially, should be changed once every year. We recommend changing it at the start of the summer season. If doing this sounds difficult to remember, you can get a high-quality filter that can last longer. Some have been able to last for up to three years. If you’re unsure how to see if your pump or filter needs to be replaced, our pool professionals can help.

Additionally, the pump helps maintain circulation within the swim spa so that chemicals are evenly distributed and temperatures stay at optimal levels. Without a functioning pump, your swim spa will not be able to operate properly.

Safety Covers

Swim spa covers are an essential piece of equipment for keeping a swim spa clean and operational. Not only do they keep debris, dirt, and other contaminants out of the water, but they also help retain heat within the swim spa. This can save energy costs, and you don’t have to wait as long to heat it up. All it takes is one big branch to fall in and permanently damage your swim spa or a few hours uncovered to become filled with contaminants.

Covers also provide safety by preventing children and pets from entering the swim spa unsupervised. The average swim spa cover may be light enough for an adult to take off without much effort, but heavy enough to keep children and animals out.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any swim spa, and some even feature straps to prevent wind gusts from blowing them off. With proper use and maintenance, swim spa covers can last several years before needing to be replaced. Also, covers with built-in UV protection can help reduce discoloration caused by sunlight over time.


You need chemicals to keep the water in your swim spa clean and healthy. Chemicals help maintain the proper balance of pH, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, and other parameters in the water that determine how safe and clean it is.

This helps reduce the risk of bacteria growth and algae blooms that can cause skin irritation, foul odors, and disease. In addition to helping keep pathogens and germs from cultivating in your swim spa, chemicals also destroy any you bring in.

Swim spa chemicals can also provide additional benefits, such as reducing plaque and dirt build-up on surfaces like tiles or heaters. This can affect their performance over time if not taken care of properly. Eventually, if left untreated, they will break.

Water Tests

If you don’t keep the swim spa clean, it may quickly become unsafe for you or anyone to use, but how do you know when your swim spa is clean? If you overuse swim spa chemicals, you could end up damaging your hot tub and making the water unsafe due to said chemicals. This makes it important to test and measure the chemicals in the water as well as the germs that could be gestating in them.

Several types of test kits are available to help you monitor your chemical levels, such as:

  • Chlorine tests
  • pH tests
  • Alkalinity tests
  • Dissolved oxygen tests
  • Calcium hardness tests
  • And more

After testing is complete, you can add chemicals accordingly to adjust or maintain maximum safety levels for yourself or any swimmers using the swim spa.

Get the Swim Spa Equipment You Need From Aqua Leisure

Don’t try to order random pieces of equipment and supplies from some random companies online. Make sure to talk to local experts who know exactly how to help you find what you need for your swim spa. Even if you didn’t get your swim spa from an Aqua Leisure location, we can still help you find the right swim spa equipment and supplies for your swim spa. For more information, contact us today.