5 Best Chemicals to Test the Pool
pool chemicals

When it comes to your pool or spa, you want the best water you can get. That makes perfect sense, you are going to swim in it! To get the best water, it needs to be cleaned and controlled with the right chemicals. There are so many pool and spa chemicals to choose from, so let us give you a good place to start.

The five best-rated and regarded pool chemicals to keep your water clean!

#1. In the Swim 3-Inch Chlorine Tablets

Rated highly by PoolKnowledge and Gearweare, this brand of chlorine tablets is good for pools above and below ground and is perfect for preventing gross greens like algae and dangerous bacteria from growing in pools. It does this by sanitizing your pool, turning the water into an inhospitable environment for all the gross things you don’t want to swim in.

It’s like most chlorine tablets, but few can match the efficiency of In the Swim 3-Inch tablets. This is likely because of  Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione, a special acid in the formula. It has the highest chlorine content available among chlorine sanitizers. When added to your pool, this tablet will make your water crystal clear. It even brings down the water’s pH and alkalinity levels.

These tablets are so good, they’re even suitable for pools and spas with hard water. Imagine that.

#2. Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect + Phosfree

Rated #1 by Gearweare for its ease of use, materials, size, and most importantly, its value. This means it’s effective at cleaning your pool’s waterline and filter, getting rid of any surface oils and other non-living organics. Eww.

With Natural Chemistry’s own Phosfree formula, using this chemical to clean your pool will create a thin coating of the stuff on your filter media. As water flows through it, the Phosfree filter lives up to its name by removing phosphates.

Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect will reduce the number of times you have to clean your pool. Just use this weekly, and even the biggest cleaning efforts will get smaller and smaller.

#3. Leisure Time Brominating Tablets

Rated highly by Gearweare for its materials and size, these tablets really live up to the name, Leisure Time. Their concentration of bromine works well for pools, and better than anyone else for spas. Stated by PoolGeek to be based on Dantabrom chemistry, it creates a better dissolution rate than most other chemistry cleaners, letting it really soak and get around the water.

Most importantly, not only do these tablets keep the water clean and clear, it keeps them odor-free. Other chemicals leave a smell that can be here nor there, but Leisure Time touts its advanced low-odor formulation.

What’s one of the worst things about dirty water in a pool or a spa? Well, the damage that does to your skin, and then there’s the smell!

#4. HTH 52019 Super Shock Treatment

4-in-1 isn’t just a tagline. This treatment is known for treating vinyl-lined pools with a lot of water, killing bacteria and algae, turning the water crystal clear, and doing it all fast. That’s actually more than 4 things.

This shock treatment boosts your water’s chlorine level by eliminating bacteria and algae, as said. It’s perfect for helping a pool get where it needs to be after not being cleaned as recently as it should have been. And when we say fast, we mean see your pool water restored to crystal clarity in 24 hours. Yes, it’s that fast.

It’s quite shocking how effective this solution is. And if you have sensitive eyes or skin, this will reduce chlorine odor in the pool. Do you hate it when your eyes are just red and irritated? So do we, that’s how we know this Super Shock Treatment is made for you.

#5. Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3″ Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

Have you ever just wanted to swim through water that felt silky smooth? Try Clorox Pool & Spa, it works double duty to clean whatever water you need it to.

And as the name says, it leaves long-lasting effects so you don’t have to clean your pool too often. The best kind of cleaning job is one that makes sure you don’t have to clean again for a while.

Drop enough tablets to match your amount of water, and watch all the bad bacteria and algae be sent away.

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