5 Money-Saving Tips for In-ground Pool Owners
money-saving tips for pools

Pools aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean we can’t save money here and there when we can. There are ways you can save a bit of money on pool maintenance and operating costs so you can enjoy your pool even more. The experts at Aqua Leisure have come up with some money-saving tips for those with in-ground pools. 

#1: Use a Solar Blanket

Heating a pool can be costly. If you swim a lot, you also likely want to swim in warm water. There are benefits to swimming in cold water, but if that’s not for you, you’re likely using your pool heater a lot. Rather than use electricity to constantly heat your pool, you can get yourself a solar blanket.

A solar blanket sits over your pool and lays on the surface of the water after you’re done using it. Leave it there, turn your heater off, and when you go back to it, your pool will be warmer than usual. It won’t retain all the heat, but it drastically reduces the amount of heat you’ve lost.

A pool heater uses the most electricity when it’s heating the pool from a cold temperature to a warm one. Water is a slow conductor of heat, so it requires a lot of time and electricity to heat up. Even if your pool heater uses propane, natural gas, or something else, that’s still fewer resources you need to use to heat the water with a solar blanket.

#2. Reduce Your Chlorine Usage

Chlorine is one of the most common elements used in cleaning pools, but it’s not the cheapest. There are cheaper alternatives that you can use to shock and clean your pool. They use solutions and chemicals like salt, ozone, UV, and bromine to a greater extent than chlorine, or in place of chlorine. 

This doesn’t mean you need to eliminate chlorine, as there is a little bit of chlorine in almost every pool cleaning solution, but reducing it will cost less and keep your pool just as clean. 

If you have any difficulties finding a pool cleaning alternative that’s right for you, the experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas can make recommendations.

#3. Don’t Let Water Sit on Your Pool Cover

This is for the winter months specifically when your pool isn’t open. Just because you aren’t actively using your pool, doesn’t mean you can leave it to its own devices. 

If you cover your pool, water will accumulate on top of it after rain or snowfall. Your first inclination will be to leave it there, but if you do, the water will get into your pool. You can’t stop the rain or the snow from falling while it’s still coming down, but you can clear it off once it’s down. 

If you use a pool cover pump to drain the water sitting atop your pool cover after every storm, then sweep the debris off the cover, you won’t have to shock it as much.

#4. Use Your Pool Pumps at Night

Most electric companies have what is called peak hours. During these peak hours, it costs you more to use electricity because everyone is using it To keep up with this demand, electric companies charge more. 

Instead of running your pool electronics during the day, run them at night. Peak hours are from 7 AM to 7 PM in most areas, so even if you just want to run the automatic pool sweeper for an hour or two before sleep, you should.

#5. Take Care of Your Pool Equipment

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you take care of something, it will last longer and stay usable. This is doubly true for your pool equipment, like pool vacuums, skimmers, nets, and more. 

None of your equipment is likely cheap, but they are made to last, so you need them to keep your pool in tip-top shape. This can be as simple as putting them away when you’re done. Pool equipment can experience a lot of wear and tear when it’s left out to be used and abused by the elements. 

Everything you use will last significantly longer if you just put it away, making this the simplest money-saving tip for an in-ground pool owner.

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