4 Bad Pool Chemicals to Never Put In Your Pool
bad pool chemicals

Not every chemical belongs in the pool. Some just make it dirty, and others may make it unsafe. While we do use chlorine and other chemicals to clean our pools, we can’t use them without careful consideration. Over shocking the pool can make it unsafe to swim in, but it isn’t a worst-case scenario. One thing that’s as bad as over shocking a pool is adding the wrong pool chemicals to it, permanently damaging the water and/or the lining, or making a possible safety hazard in your backyard.

Here are some chemicals that you might think are good for or harmless to your pool or that you might put into your pool accidentally. Please avoid using them. The experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas have much better alternatives that you can use instead.

Bad Chemicals to Put Into Your Pool

#1. Sunscreen

This may seem strange, since sunscreen is something you’re supposed to put on before you go outside and into the water. The keyword is “before.” You need to put on sunscreen to protect yourself and really rub it into your skin. If you don’t, it will contaminate the water and disrupt your pool’s pH levels drastically. This can lead to bacteria and germs cultivating in it and wearing down the pool’s lining. If the lining is damaged, it’s hard to spot and even harder to fix.

#2. Perfume & Cologne

Perfume and cologne are mixtures of many different chemicals. While those chemicals together are safe, mixing them with the different chemicals in your pool can be dangerous. You run the risk of irritating your skin or ruining the pH levels of your pool at best. It’s best to leave the perfume and cologne at home. 

#3. Petroleum-Based Products

There have been some pool chemical myths that have led to dangerous misconceptions about petroleum-based products. We’ve heard more than once that people have considered and tried using certain petroleum products like vaseline in a pool filter. This is a bad idea.

Not only does this destroy your pool filter, but it also destroys the o-rings that keep your filter in place. Once this wears out, your pool will become filthy and full of bacteria. Plus, you’ll have to purchase and install a new pool filter.

Always try to use silicone or Teflon-based lubricants to oil the o-rings on your pool filter. These are made to help maintain the filter without bothering the pool water.

#4. Different Chlorines

There isn’t just one chlorine. There are many different types of chlorine mixtures, offshoots, and compounds. Chlorine can be a volatile substance when not mixed correctly. You usually never have to worry about it since manufacturers create them for your pool. 

But if you mix two or more different chlorines, this can lead to all kinds of deadly consequences. You can make noxious gas, cause an explosion, turn the pool water toxic, and/or poison your landscape.

Chlorine comes with specific instructions for a reason, and it’s not something you can make at home. The only thing worse than mixing them together in your pool would be mixing them together without water. That would make sure that any bad thing that could happen, happens much faster.

Contact Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas for Any Questions About Bad Pool Chemicals

Any chemical that’s bad for your pool is also bad for your hot tubs and swims spas as well! If you’re not sure what you should and shouldn’t add to your pool, there’s help available to you. Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas is run by experts who know what kind of chemicals can go into your pool and what you need to avoid. Stay safe and prepared. Contact us for help today.