Carry the Feel of Summer Throughout the Year With a Swim Spa or Hot Tub
hot tub surrounded by snow

The summer may be winding down, but who said that the party had to stop? Hot tubs can be used all year long, whether it is 90 degrees and sunny or 30 degrees and snowing. The water temperature can be adjusted to ensure that you are comfortable no matter the situation. What can you do to make that summer outdoor vibe last through fall and beyond? Here are a few ideas for the other Pennsylvania seasons that can get you looking forward to the outdoors, even if the weather isn’t tropical.


Fall is a season of transition in Northeast Pennsylvania. Typically, we still see a few warm days, but the nights are cool. Place some pumpkins around your hot tub to introduce fall decor to your space. Fresh apple cider and s’mores are a fun treat for all ages. Jump in the hot tub with the family and watch the latest movie on the outdoor screen that you have set up close by. For a date night in, enjoy a romantic dinner for two by the fire and then relax together in the hot tub while gazing at the starry sky.


Pennsylvania winters might seem long to many people. The days are short and the weather is cold and snowy. Even if you aren’t exactly a cold-weather enthusiast, hope is not lost! For a little ambiance, hang a string of clear lights nearby, but safely away from the water. Set them on a timer so that when you are tired from being on the slopes all day, you can come home and relax those muscles in your hot tub. The hot tub is also a great place to go after trying to set the record for the largest snowman or a day of sledding on the biggest hill in the neighborhood. After a warm cup of your favorite soup, grab some hot chocolate and head into the water. Bonus points for falling flurries at the same time, creating that snow globe effect.


Spring is the season of new beginnings. By the time you reach spring, most of you are ready for all things sunny and warm. Spring around here is generally unpredictable as we transition from winter and move toward summer. Don’t let those April showers put a damper on your backyard time. Surround your area with hardy spring flowers for a little pop of color. Use pastel-colored planters and maybe incorporate weather-resistant artificial trees and plants to bring in some greenery when your grass isn’t quite ready yet.

It always feels like summer is here and gone in the blink of an eye. Luckily, there are many ways to continue the outdoor fun even when the seasons change. Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas is here with the perfect hot tubs for you to enjoy the beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania seasons. Contact us today!