September 18: National Pool Closing Day

One maple leaf laying by a pool

Summer weather is still here, but in mere weeks, it’ll be time to winterize your pools! The third Saturday in September is always recognized as National Pool Closing Day and while we’re sad to say goodbye to Summer 2021, we want to give you tips for closing your pool correctly. Tip #1. Balance the Water […]

Spa FAQs

warm spa near deck

Taking proper care of your spa can be quite tricky if you’re not sure where to start. Though it can be a little similar to the maintenance of a pool, there are differences that you should know about, especially if you are new to the game. That’s why we took the initiative to answer some […]

Tips for Opening an Above Ground Pool

above ground pool with ladder

An indicator that summer is right around the corner is none other than the blazing sun.  What better way to beat the summer heat than opening up an above-ground pool? They’re perfect for the kids, easy to maintain, and affordable. While some may dread having to open up their pool, with the right supplies, a […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Pools

pool maintenance

Having a pool is every kid’s (and secretly every adult’s) dream. Who wouldn’t want a pool? It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day at work or to host the party of the year that everyone will be talking about. Though we would all want a pool, taking proper care of one is […]

How To Use Your Pool For A Backyard Staycation

backyard staycation pool

If you are unable to get away this year, here are some tips to make your backyard your own oasis. Add some interesting landscaping around your pool and backyard. Something as simple as a palm tree can change the feel of your backyard and make it feel tropical. Another nice addition to your pool would […]

Pool Safety During the Holiday Weekend

pool safety holiday themed float

With the fourth of July coming up soon and pool parties being the place to be, it’s important to know pool safety. Everyone knows the basic pool safety tips: don’t run near the pool, never leave children unattended near the pool, and swim sober. What most people don’t know is why we have these rules. […]

Skin Benefits of Swimming

woman floating in a swimming pool with healthy skin

There are many benefits of swimming pools but what people don’t know is that swimming benefits your skin as well. Swimming has plenty of health benefits such as boosting circulation, which is the process of blood moving throughout the body that carries oxygen, nutrients, and removes waste. The circulation boost that one gets from swimming […]

5 Pool Safety Tips For Infants

infant in swimming pool

As summer starts to settle in with over 90-degree weather, more families are heading to find relief by jumping into the water of their favorite pools. As parents, we know that infants and toddlers are always on the go. That quickly becomes dangerous when it comes to pool safety for infants around the pool. As […]

Protecting Your Skin in the Summer Sun

woman putting sunscreen on face

As summer officially begins this week, everyone will start enjoying going outside to soak up the summer sun. But when everyone goes to the beach, swims in the pool, or even goes for a summer hike, someone always forgets to apply the key essential thing before going out in the hot sun. That summer essential? […]

Do You Know the World’s Oldest Swimming Pool?

the great bath

If you had to guess how old the world’s oldest swimming pool is, what would you say? 50 years old? 100 years old? 1,000? You’d be wrong, because the Great Bath has been around since the 3rd Millennium BC. That’s over 5,000 years ago. Believe it or not, it’s been kept pretty clean. A surviving […]

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