7 Common Pool Myths
pool myths

When we think of myths, we usually think of stories about mermaids and friendly pirates, but they also apply to real-world items. Hot tub myths have spread misinformation about these fun, relaxing, and soothing baths. There are so many homes that would have a pool but don’t because they’re afraid of something incorrect that someone told them. At the same time, there are many people who have been taking care of their pool incorrectly for similar reasons. We’re going to debunk some of these pool myths you’ve likely heard so you don’t miss out or destroy the pool you have.

Pool Myth #1: Chlorine Can Turn Blonde Hair Green

As funny as it would be to see your friends jump into the pool with blonde hair and leave with green, this simply isn’t true. Chlorine doesn’t affect the coloring of your hair – what can change the coloring of your hair is copper

Because several algaecides are copper-based, and oxidized metals tend to attach themselves to hair follicles, they can affect proteins in your hair. Your hair color will only change if you go days without washing your hair after being in a pool. You can also prevent this by conditioning your hair before going into a pool. 

Pool Myth #2: Clear Water is Clean Water

For pool owners who listen to this myth, you’re damaging your pool and yourself. If the water is clear, this only means that the pool has no visible algae growing in it. You get green water from a pool filled with algae, but that doesn’t mean there are no microbes. If the water tastes or smells weird, you may have a pool filled with microbes that need to be cleaned. This can be tested and remedied with safe chemicals

Pool Myth #3: The Smell of Chemicals Means Clean Water

Sorry to bust another myth about clean water. Different chemicals kill different things in the water. Many will kill both microbes and algae, but many will not get rid of contaminants that are brought into the pool by people. Some chemicals can make these contaminants worse if they are not treated with the correct treatment. Proper treatment can mean more of the same chemicals or a different kind entirely. When you smell chemicals, this means that the chemical treatment is still doing its job or has contaminants that still need to be cleaned out. 

Pool Myth #4: Red Eyes Means Too Much Chlorine

Red eyes and itchy skin are actually caused by not using enough chlorine to get rid of the chloramines or balance the pool’s pH levels. More often than not, you need to use more chlorine, which is the opposite of this myth.

Pool Myth #5: A Pool Can Only Be Used During the Summer Season

This is one of the most widespread myths out there, due to a small misconception. It’s not impossible to use your pool during the winter, but it does require more work and accessories. You can extend how many months your pool can be open into the fall or early spring with solar covers that lockdown heat, solar heaters that warm your water during sunny weather, or a pool heat pump to heat and cool your water on demand. Summer is not the only time you can use your pool, but it is cheaper.

Pool Myth #6: Heating a Pool is Expensive

Heating a pool doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Most heat pumps and solar heaters will not break the bank. There are multiple brands and stores from which you can get heaters and pumps for pools of various sizes. 

Solar heaters can be as cheap as $25, and heat pumps as low as $50. Sure, it is cheaper to only swim in the summer months when nature will heat your pool on its own, but if you want to swim long into the fall, you can.

Pool Myth #7: Maintaining a Pool Is a Lot of Work

Now, this myth depends on what you consider a lot of work, so for some people, it’s not a myth, but everyone should know how much time you should be spending cleaning your pool first. There are three things you should do weekly: 

  • Skim your pool (Twice)
  • Brush and vacuum your pool (Once)
  • Test and balance your pool (Twice)

Depending on the size of your pool, this can all take 2-3 hours altogether, but spread out over a week. Or, you can get an automated vacuum cleaner and a chemical balancer which should cut the time you need to spend cleaning in half. 

Don’t Believe in These Pool Myths

These are just seven of the most common pool myths that people believe in that keep them from getting a pool or teach them bad caretaking habits. If you’re interested in finally getting that pool you want or need advice on how to properly care for your pool, contact the experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. We can help you.