5 Floatation Devices for the Hot Tub
floatation devices for hot tub

Floaties aren’t just for safety, but fun too! And while many believe they are only made for pools, they are actually created for your hot tub and swim spas too. There are many different floatation devices and accessories that you can get for your hot tub. Some are great for making your relaxing time even more relaxing, and others allow you to play games in a smaller pool.

We have a few recommendations that you should consider if you want to spruce up your hot tub for you, your family, and your friends.

Floatation Devices For the Hot Tub

#1. Inflatable Drink Holders and Bar

How great would it be to have your drink floating right next to you as you relax in your hot tub? Even if your hot tub already has cup holders built in, inflatable drink holders can go anywhere in the water, and they come in various cup sizes. If there’s a drink or cup that won’t fit in your hot tub’s cup holder, there’s a floatation device for it.

There are also inflatable bars to hold whole sets of drinks and food in larger hot tubs. Not everyone wants food and drinks near the water, but these accessories can make it easier for those who do. They come with a collection of holders for different kinds of poolside food items.

There are several variations of this too. You can have drink holders and bars that float, some that stick to the hot tub walls, and some that are made for specific types of drinks. Want to drink a glass of wine? There are holders for that. Beer? There are holders for that too. Juice boxes are even welcome!

#2. Waterproof Booster Cushions

If you have small children who want to join the family in the hot tub, you can’t let them tread water. With a cushion, they can safely sit and relax without having to learn how to swim the hard way. These waterproof booster cushions come in a variety of sizes and materials, and the best brands require minimal work to dry. Even if you don’t have kids and only short friends, they may appreciate the added boost.

#3. Hot Tub Pillow

Hot tubs are made of hard materials, and they don’t all come with natural cushions. If you need something for your neck, consider getting a hot tub pillow. This hot tub floatation device can stick to the top of a seat to let you rest your neck or back on something soft. They come in various sizes.

#4. Floating Gameboards

Hot tubs don’t have to be all about relaxing. You can get floating board games with magnetic pieces. This way you can play games like chess, checkers, backgammon, and a slew of card games without worrying about getting anything in your water. You also don’t have to worry about anything being damaged since these are designed for the water.

If you want, there are floating boards made to hold several card games for many players to join in on.

#5. Colored Lights

You can get all kinds of lights for your hot tub. You can get stick lights for the bottom of your pool to give everyone a light show, or line the edge if you have a different design in mind. Not only that but there are also floating lights that will sit on the surface of the water, perfect for setting the atmosphere.

For a Hot Tub or Swim Spa, Call Aqua Leisure

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Once you have your hot tub or swim spa, you can get some hot tub floatation accessories to complete the experience. For more information and help finding a hot tub or swim spa, contact us today.