Five Pool Problems You Can Avoid
pool problems

We know that a lot of responsibilities come with pools as far as maintenance and safety. Many of us have pools and know what problems come with them, but how do we avoid those problems? We want to be able to enjoy our pool in peace. Take care of your pool the correct way to avoid recurrent issues and problems in general. Here are a few problems to watch out for and how you can prevent them.

Problem #1: pH Balance

pH stands for Potential Hydrogen. The pH balance in your pool should be kept in the range of 7.0-7.2. When the pH balance gets too low, it is more acidic than neutral, which is no good. This can cause the skin to become dry and itchy, swimwear begins to fade and perish, and lastly, our nose and eyes burn when we are swimming. No one wants to swim in a pool that gives them constant irritation while swimming.

Your pool’s pH balance can become too low due to heavy rainfall, leaves, body oils, and sweat. When your pool’s pH balance gets too high, that means you have too much alkaline in your pool. If too much time passes before it is treated, the pool can begin to turn black. The pool will also begin to get cloudy and lose its glassy sparkle. Your pH balance can be flagged as too high due to strong chlorine and suddenly heating your pool.

You can avoid this by checking your pool pH balance weekly. If you had problems in the past, check them twice a week. Consistently clean it of debris to keep it at a neutral level.

Problem #2: Proper Filter

The filter in the pool is used to conjugate certain chemicals that help keep the pool fresh and clean. Pool filters are just like sink filters or water filters. They are meant to remove anything that doesn’t belong in the water. However, there can be occasions when your filter gets clogged. The filter gets clogged with dirt, leaves, bugs, algae, oils, and so much more. Having a clogged filter is the worst. Everything that was originally being circulated out of the pool is not in reserve and the dirt and chemicals are now resting in the pool that you swim in.

You can avoid this by investing in a sand filter. You must also be on top of cleaning it out to avoid bugs and leaves from entering the pool. The sand filter helps remove the things you can not see and grab, such as minerals and oils. You can even invest in a vacuum to help clear the algae overload and solid debris.

Pool Problem #3: Cracking or Chipping of Pool Deck

This is a common issue that is very unwanted and hard to avoid. The cracking and chipping of your pool deck happens due to a variety of things, mainly from weather and seasonal changes leading to soil and leaking issues. Having a chipped or cracked pool causes outside hazards for your family and guests. That can lead to many different injuries and accidents if the damage is worsened.

Yes, this is hard to avoid, but it can be maintainable if it does happen. Try to avoid moisture and water from seeping through the cracks. Allowing moisture to enter the cracks penetrates the oil under the cracks, which worsens the cracks and chipping.

Pool Problem #4: Leaks in Plumbing and Structure

A leak is the last thing you need. The leak can cause other problems that you also don’t need. When a leak occurs in the structure of your pool it becomes difficult to maintain the pool’s pH balance and can cost you more in chemicals as well as increased water usage. They are often hard to detect as well.

If you notice you have a leak, stop usage immediately and call a professional for repairs. Failure will lead to pH balance issues which then lead to filter problems.

Pool Problem #5: Too Much Chlorine

I bet you would’ve never thought of this as an issue. How can a pool have too much chlorine when pools need chlorine? How can too much chlorine cause issues? Chlorine is great because it keeps the algae from your pool, but too much of it can cause severe eye irritations. This can also increase your pH balance levels and once that happens, it comes with problems of its own. A once-safe pool can become harmful if the pool has too much chlorine added.

To avoid this, know how much you are putting in your pool by measuring it and making sure the levels are correct and consistent.

Always Be One Step Ahead with Aqua Leisure

Don’t let those problems stop you from enjoying your pool. You are now 5 steps closer to knowing your pool problems and how to avoid them. If you are interested in getting a pool and knowing the right professionals to call when your pool takes a turn for the worse, call Aqua Leisure. We will set you straight and have you ready to enjoy your pool for a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to call, we are here to help