Hot Tub Accessories
woman relaxing in hot tub

The summer weather may be simmering down, but it doesn’t mean the water fun has to stop. While you may be closing your pool for the season soon, your hot tub can remain in use all year long. But how can you turn a relaxing soak into a hot, hot, hot experience? With hot tub accessories! Hot tub accessories can come in all shapes and sizes to be useful, enhance relaxation, and add some fun! Take a look at these hot tub accessories you need!

#1. Chlorine Floaters

Keeping your hot tub in top shape can be tedious. But finding accessories that keep it easier to maintain makes it much simpler. Chlorine tablets and floaters are designed to maintain chlorine levels within your hot tub. While these are great to maintain your hot tub while you are not using it, you must remove these accessories from your hot tub when people are using it.

#2. Spa Steps

Some hot tubs have steps built into them, while others, you may be climbing into them. But that can be a real hassle! Spa steps can really be a game-changer. No more clumsy in and out of the hot tub. You’ll have a safer entrance and exit and even railings if you need them!

#3. Spa Vacuum

Maintenance is a big theme here, so a hot tub vacuum should be no surprise. Even if you use a cover, debris, dirt, and sand can still accumulate on the ground. A vacuum with manual suction, also known as a spa wand or manual vacuum is often the best. In addition, there are battery-powered and rechargeable vacuums to make cleaning easier!

#4. Umbrella

Looking to add a little pizzazz to your backyard? Place an umbrella near your hot tub! Not only does it block the sun while you soak, some umbrellas can actually mount to the side of your hot tub, making them secure and practical.

However, while you may think you can soak during a storm–we caution you against it! Opening an umbrella during stormy conditions can increase the risk of weather-related umbrella failure, which can not only put you at risk of injury but also damage the hot tub itself.

#5. Cover Lift

There is nothing more frustrating than a hot tub cover that you have to fight with to get on and off. The point of your spa is to relax, not be tense! A cover lift can help. Not only does it make the taking off and putting on of your cover easier, it can also protect your spa from damage when it is not in use.

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