How Ergonomic are Swim Spas?
ergonomics of a spa

Did you know that there is a science behind figuring out how comfortable a chair is? Or how comfortably a TV remote fits in your hand? This is called ergonomics, and all quality products try and take ergonomics into account in their design. Swim spas are no different, but how do you design seats for comfort when they’re submerged in water?

Swim spas, like pools and hot tubs, don’t come with built-in cushions. Instead, they need special spa cushions. This has to do with what happens to most cushion materials when submerged in water for extended periods. Most swim spas and tubs that come with special cushions make sure that they don’t come attached to the spa and can be removed for this reason.

So a lot of mindpower is used to design spas that the body fits into best, and this is when swim spa designers use ergonomics. How ergonomic are swim spas then?

How Does Ergonomics Work With Spas?

Everyone’s body is different, so when designing a swim spa, you have to take into account the different body types someone who buys a swim spa may have. But that’s not all, you have to take into account how those different body parts rub against each other, and in water no less. Ergonomics is a science but in practice, it’s multiple sciences combined into one. It requires:

  • Anthropometry: The science that defines the physical measures of the human body, including its size, form, and functional capacities.
  • Biomechanics: The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.
  • Environmental Physics: A branch of physics that focuses on how environmental factors affect biological and physical processes in agriculture, nature, and physical bodies.

When put all together, this means that the best swim spas take into account more information than one would imagine for a pool of water.

How Does Someone Design the Most Ergonomic Swim Spas?

The most ergonomic swim spas take the different extremes of body types and the averages of those extremes. Then they have to consider how the muscles in peoples’ bodies across those different body types react when resting or exercising in water. Swim spas are for relaxation, but are also great for aquatic exercise, so that’s an exponentially higher number of situations to account for.

From there a brand can take a few different routes with how they design their swim spa. A brand can other make several different swim spa models, with each catering to a different body type. This can be good for a home that will see one person using the spa the most or someone who’s getting the swim spa for only themselves.

The other option is to make a swim spa with various seat sizes and shapes to accommodate different kinds of people. This way, a diverse family can all enjoy a swim spa together. The swim spa brands we carry are experts in meeting the different needs of people looking for a swim spa in their backyard.

How Ergonomic are Our Swim Spas?

How ergonomic any swim spa depends on the brand. Each model is ergonomic to you in a different amount. The only way to truly know for yourself if a swim spa is the most comfortable for you is if you can see it for yourself.

Luckily, Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas have showrooms at each of our three locations. You can see our different swim spas for yourself, or check out our hot tubs, in-ground pools, and above-ground pools as well. We’ll help you find the best swim spa for you!

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