How Often Should You Change Your Hot Tub Water?
woman relaxing in hot tub water

Water is pretty important when you’re talking about pools, hot tubs, and swim spas. Without water, hot tubs and swim spas are just taking up space. If they have dirty, unsafe water, that’s even worse. If you leave the same water in your pools and hot tubs forever, it will become unsafe. You have to change it out at some point.

When you don’t change your hot tub or swim spa water regularly, it can get pretty nasty and even harmful. But how often should you drain and replace your hot tub water? How can you tell when it’s time and are all hot tubs the same with how long you should wait to change the water? The experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas can help.

When Should You Change Your Hot Tub Water?

The water in your hot tub is drastically affected by how much you use and if you shower or bathe before or after you use it. Many people like to use it after coming back home from work. But, when you get in your hot tub regularly, you bring in outside germs and diseases, especially if you didn’t shower first.

Shocking the spa water with chemicals will help, but even if you’re cleaning it regularly to support your heavy use, you should still change the water more than someone who doesn’t use it often. On other hand, if you only use it for special occasions, the water can sit, stew, and cultivate all kinds of germs. Then you may need to empty the water because shock treatment isn’t enough.

There are signs you can look for that will tell you when you should change your hot tub water. These signs include:

  • Tiny bubbles: If there’s foam in your hot tub when you open it up, there’s probably a problem. You shouldn’t see bubbles until you’re in the hot tub and it’s been running for a few minutes.
  • Foul smell: A strong smell is usually a good indicator that something is growing in your pool water, and you do not want it to touch your skin. If it’s so far along that there’s a smell, shock treatments are likely not going to fix it.
  • Foggy water: If the water isn’t crystal clear, you likely have something in your water. Depending on how foggy it is, you may just need shock treatments or change the water.
  • Scaling: Even if you keep your hot tub water clean, eventually all of the shock treatments and chlorine are going to build up calcium salts in your tub. This will get to the point where calcium chunks stick to your hot tub’s surfaces and stuck in its parts. If this is left untreated, it can permanently damage your hot tub.

How Often Does the Hot Tub Water Need to be Changed?

We believe the best option is to change the hot tub water semi-regularly so you never see any of these unseemly symptoms for a dirty hot tub. The easy answer would be to change your water every three months. This way your water should never have enough time to develop any off-putting symptoms, assuming you keep it properly clean.

Contact Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas for Help

If your hot tub or swim spa water is starting to experience the symptoms we stated, you need to get the water changed. If it seems like your hot tub water became unswimmable rather quickly, consider changing your chemical treatment. There could be a problem with how many chemicals you’re putting into the water. If you add too much or too little, your hot tub’s water can suffer.

The experts at your nearest Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas can help you figure out the right amount of chemicals based on your hot tub or swim spa’s size and water volume. Contact us today.