How to Promote Pool Safety
pool safety

With summer coming to a start and temperatures that have you wanting to find a way to cool off, a pool may be the perfect solution that comes to mind. While this is a great addition to any home, there are some easy pool safety facts and tips you should know before beginning your own journey to keep you and your family as protected as possible for the next few months. 

Supervise Children at All Times

Having a new feature in your backyard will be exciting for everyone, and you can expect your little ones to be curious. After educating them on the rules that come with the pool, supervision is still necessary for their safety. Whether they are new to the concept or have swam before, there is still a risk of accidents inside and out of the pool. There should always be at least one adult whose only focus should be watching the kids swim, and everyday distractions such as texting on a phone should be put away. This is an important job to keep children safe and prevents avoidable tragedies from happening while ensuring all rules are being followed. This doesn’t just have to be a task you’re forced to do. It can be made into bonding time with kids. Fun games being directed by the adult outside of the pool is just one example of maximizing this time!

Sign Kids Up For Swimming Lessons

Making sure your child[ren] can properly swim when there’s a pool within reach of them is crucial to keeping them safe. The easiest and fastest time for your child to learn how to swim is when they are very young, so there is no reason to wait. With the early exposure making it less likely for your kid to fear swimming, it is a no-brainer. Not only is it the safe thing to do for yourself and others, but there are also proven health benefits for infants learning to swim! Their muscles are used more when swimming than when walking or crawling. It helps them to develop body coordination skills, only helping them when they get older if they want to play other sports. 

Enforce Pool Safety Outside of Pool

Although “walk, don’t run” sounds cliché, it is one of the many rules on staying safe around a pool that pertains to when not swimming. Slipping and falling on wet concrete can have serious consequences, and it is another highly avoidable injury. While the pool is meant to be a fun space, making sure good behavior and rule-following is maintained at all times creates the best experience.

Known When It’s Safe to Swim

Even though it’s hard not to want to be at the pool all summer long, as a pool owner, you must know when it’s time to pack up and head inside. It may not always be visibly obvious when a storm is coming, but it’s important to consistently check the weather when planning a pool day to avoid surprise situations. After taking cover from the storm, wait about a half an hour after the last sign of the storm, either lightning or thunder, before returning to your outdoor oasis. 

Know CPR for Pool Safety in Emergency Situations

If any dangerous situation were to happen, it is always better to be safe than sorry. An easy way to be safe in the event of a pool accident is to be CPR certified. This is a fantastic life skill in general anyway, and it has never been easier to learn this life-saving ability. One must simply visit a website such as Red Cross, and they can get certified online without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. This tool that can prevent disasters is easier to obtain than most think, making it a no-brainer for a pool owner to have.

Learn More About Pool Safety Tips

If you are still curious about safety precautions to take after installing a pool, visit Aqua Leisure in person or online today. Here, we will ensure you have an easy time making sure your family and friends are safe, all while having fun.