Is Your Pool Prepared for the Weather?
pool prepared for the weather

Have you ever looked at the forecast as it says one thing, but you look out your window and it shows you another? Whatever the forecast says, it’s always best to be prepared for the weather because you simply never know. We get some of the craziest rain storms in the summertime and the fall weather can be even worse as the temperatures drop. As some of the coldest days are creeping up on us, there’s still time to enjoy your pool. Enjoy your summer, but make sure your pool precautions are in place. 

A lot of pool owners might not be sure what to do with their pools during or before the weather changes for the worst. It’s not unheard for some pool owners to leave their pool as it is. Many never think of those aspects when buying a swimming pool. The pool feels like the last thing that needs any protection. In reality, a pool can sustain damage that will make it unsafe to swim and can cost hundreds to fix. It’s a better idea to have pool precautions ready for when a bad storm comes, whether the pool is open or closed.

The weatherman will tell you they can predict the weather, but as many know, the weather feels unpredictable. We never know when the next huge rain storm will occur or if the weather decides today we are going to freeze over. Honestly, anything can happen at any time. So, are you prepared? 

Pool Precautions for Uncovered & Covered Pools

Protecting your pool from summer storms is different than preparing for when it’s closed during the fall. There are many steps to take when preparing for the unexpected. There are things you can do and things you shouldn’t do. Let’s avoid costly damages for when your pool is uncovered. 

  • Put the lawn furniture away. Even if they don’t seem that close, you don’t want anything unsecured that can be blown into your pool. It will definitely hurt the siding of your pool, and if it sinks, it can hurt the internal lining as well.
  • Clean your yard of loose and fallen branches. This way, you can minimize the potential objects that can fall into your yard and damage your property. Every branch you remove counts.
  • Power off any electronics for your pool. It’s not uncommon to have an electric pool cleaner that runs when you’re not there. Don’t forget to turn it off, take it out, and put it somewhere safe. If you have other electronics, do not leave them anywhere near the water. 
  • Do not drain your pool. It is better to not drain your pool even when it’s covered, but draining it when it’s uncovered is even worse. Anything that would normally fall into the water, will fall directly on your lining and damage it. 
  • Balance the chemicals. If your pool is clean before the storm, that will make it easier to shock and balance afterwards. There’s no reason to let germs cultivate, breed, and multiply in your pool. 
  • Secure your pool cover. More than lightning, wind is the most destructive part of a storm to a pool. Lightning isn’t likely to strike your pool, but the wind will almost certainly blow things in or pull up your cover. There are few things you can use that won’t be picked up by the wind. Cinder blocks and bricks are good ways to secure a pool cover. Metal hooks might be good too if they’re built into cement around the pool.

Don’t Skip Out on Pool Safety

Each precautionary measure has a purpose for why this is the best next step for you to take. Not understanding the correct precautions is a pricey risk to take. 

Having a pool in your background is one of the best parts of summer. Be prepared to keep your pool and family safe. There are so many tips that we should take into consideration during times like this. Keep your pool safe both on a hot day and when the weather takes an unpredictable change so your pool can last a lifetime! 

Have any more questions? Check out Aqua Leisure for more information. We will inform you and prepare you for the unexpected. Contact us today!