Pool Safety During the Holiday Weekend
pool safety holiday themed float

With the fourth of July coming up soon and pool parties being the place to be, it’s important to know pool safety. Everyone knows the basic pool safety tips: don’t run near the pool, never leave children unattended near the pool, and swim sober. What most people don’t know is why we have these rules. It’s because pool accidents during the holidays can be fatal. 

Children Safety

The number one cause of death in children ages 1-4 is drowning, and it is the second leading cause of death for children 5-9. Surprisingly, 23% of the drownings happen during a family pool gathering. 

To make sure your children don’t become another statistic, remember these few tips.. If your child is going to be near the pool, keep floaties on them. Even if not directly in the water, this could help them if they were to fall into the pool. If floaties are not on your child, then keep multiple rafts in the pool. This will give your child something to grab onto if they are to fall in. The number one preventative measure that you can make is keeping an adult out by the pool at all times. This keeps a peace of mind that if a child were to get near the pool, an adult can prevent an incident. 

Adult Safety

The fourth of July is one of the top drinking holidays which increases the risk of drowning in adults. Between 10%-30% of all pool accidents and drownings occur while under the influence of alcohol. 

With that in mind, here are some pool safety tips for adults to keep in mind around the upcoming holiday. If you are going to drink alcohol around a pool, to avoid injury or death, drink to the legal limit. A large number of people while intoxicated, try stunts in or near a pool which leads to injury. Be safe and don’t try anything you wouldn’t try sober. If you’re going to just be near a pool and stick to the basic pool tips of not running near the pool and swim sober. 

Stay safe this 4th of July with your pool from Aqua Leisure.