What’s the Best Pool for Competitive Swimmers?
competitive swimming

Did you know that competitive swimming is one of the most popular sports in the United States? It has a long season that goes from late September to April, typically when your outdoor pools are closed up. It makes sense when you realize that the late spring and summer seasons should be perfect for training. But during the summer, when the heat is on and all the public pools open up, there isn’t always a place to swim.

During the fall and winter, you have the team’s swimming pool and slotted times, but during the summer, you have to share with everyone else. The number of people who will let you train or exercise will be slim to none. Everyone is looking to take a dip, and they’re not going to make time for you. That means you should get a pool for yourself and your family so you can practice and get your workout in. Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas has the perfect pool options for you.

The Perfect Pools for Competitive Swimmers

The perfect pool for a competitive swimmer must help you replicate the setting of swimming competitions. It can’t have a strange irregular shape or distracting accouterments to its design that get in the way. It should be straight with enough room to let you practice or get your exercise in. 

Athens In-ground Pool

The Athens in-ground pool has the perfect shape for a competitive swimmer or someone who swims to stay in shape. It has a simple rectangular shape, it’s long, and its elevation is well adjusted for safety but also doesn’t get in the way of your training. 

The Athens layout can also be made with fiberglass. This means it’s made with the highest quality materials that are meant to last a lot longer than most pools. Even after competitive swimming has become only a hobby or a healthy exercise, your pool should still be in excellent condition. 

Continental In-ground Pool

The Continental in-ground pool is similar to the Athens style. The difference is that it’s smaller, which is better for swimmers who don’t want the pool to consume their yard or have a smaller property. It has all the same advantages as the Athens in-ground pool, with its rectangular shape, safe design, and fiberglass material. It’s all about getting what fits your property and your swimming style best.

Rushmore In-ground Pool

The Rushmore in-ground pool is perfect for swimmers who need to train, but also have family and friends who want to use the pool. It has a rectangular shape but has additional features that up the fun factor without getting in the way of your swimming. 

You can have a slide attached to the side that’s perfect for kids and any parties. There’s also an additional pool to the side for other swimmers who want somewhere to sit and soak. Getting your aquatic exercise is important, but it’s also good to have aquatic fun too.

Swim Spas

Sometimes a pool is just not possible. It’s not in the budget or won’t fit on the property, so you need something smaller. While a normal hot tub won’t meet your swimming needs, a swim spa will. They fit on smaller properties and use waterjet propulsions to create a current to swim and exercise against. They’re also tested and designed to be even safer than a pool with their additional propulsion features. It’s perfect for a rigorous swim at home when you can’t get to a pool.

Unlike all outdoor pools, swim spas can be used throughout the winter. This means you don’t have to close off your swimming time to when you’re training to compete. Also, if you’re thinking that indoor pools would have more availability during the winter, you’d be mistaken. Indoor pools like at local YMCAs are actually at their busiest during the winter. This means indoor pools are never actually a sure option, so if you need to train a lot for competitive swimming or exercise, you can’t rely on them. You can always rely on a swim spa.

Keep Swimming Competitively with a Pool or Spa from Aqua Leisure

We have more options than what we’ve listed that will serve any competitive swimmer well. You can come to any of our three locations and see a large selection of pools, swim spas, and hot tubs in person to find what meets your needs best. If you need any assistance, recommendations, or appointments to get a new pool or spa installed, contact us at Aqua Leisure.