What Are the Most Popular Games to Play in the Pool?
pool games

Pools are supposed to be fun. Sure, they’re good for lounging around on an inflatable and drinking mai tais or martinis, but some pools feel designed for fun aquatic games. For some people, it’s all about swimming around and floating back and forth, but others like to do more. Kids more than anyone else love to play swimming pool games.

If you grew up with a swimming pool, have kids and a swimming pool, or have just been to a swimming pool with kids playing it, they have all kinds of games to play. What are the best ones that stand the test of time? We asked around at our three locations to see what favorite pool game is on their go-to list of summer favorites to play with their family and friends.

Some games require toys and some just need people who want to play. Did one of the following make your list of favorite games to play in the pool?

Sharks and Minnows is a Backyard Classic

If you haven’t played sharks and minnows, you might be using your pool wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small kid or a full-grown adult, being the last minnow to become the shark is one of the best experiences you can have in a pool.

It was a test of hearing and patience for the shark, and a test of speed and will for the minnows. When you hear those feet tapping, you have to wonder, is someone out of the pool, or are they just tapping their hands to trick you? Will the shark turn around in time to see you out of the pool, or are you fast enough to get back in the water?

Not everyone played the game the same though. Some of us had extra rules; for example: if you’re the minnow and the shark sees you, you have to jump back in and race across the pool before the shark catches you. Some of us wanted the shark to be constantly changing so if you were seen, you were automatically the shark. Some of us still play, and play with more than one person as the shark! You can’t swim in pools and never play sharks and minnows.

Chicken is the Pool Game of Champions

We would never encourage violence, and want everyone to be safe when swimming in pools. At the same time, we love some good competition as mama didn’t raise no chickens. The idea of one person getting on someone’s shoulders and trying to push them off sounds dangerous, but when it’s in a pool, we just fall in the water. However, you have to be mindful near the edge of the pool.

Several team members have spent hours with their friends, siblings, or parents, trying to be the better team. Staying dry as you cause someone to get dunked under the water is funny, exhilarating, and an experience you’ll never forget.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. Some stories of people playing chicken get pretty wild. Have you ever tried playing chicken with two people on one person’s shoulders? Someone who came through Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas has, but we don’t recommend that, even in the biggest pool.

Can You Complete the Underwater Obstacle Course?

What’s considered an underwater obstacle course? Anything that goes under the water that people have to swim through in a special order to complete the course. Some people had special hula hoops that would stay in place under the water. Others had makeshift obstacles like old brooms to swim around, and floaties to swim over and under. The sky’s the limit when it comes to imagination.

If you or your family plays with underwater obstacle courses, it’s likely a competition to see who can swim through it the fastest. It’s also great for getting better at swimming, which is always a good thing.

Marco! Marco! Did They Leave?

Marco Polo is the game famously named after an explorer who also had no idea where he was going. One player covers their eyes, while the other players all try to keep away. They yell Marco, and everyone has to yell Polo to let them know where they are.

Unsurprisingly, this game had more cheaters than any other. It was both hilarious and terrible to know how many people at Aqua Leisure played this game and refused to say Polo when they heard Marco or would get out of the pool.

It’s ironic how many people would play Marco Polo and name the number of times they had a terrible time yelling Marco. Play this pool game if you want to find out which of your friends and family you can truly trust. If you opened your eyes while playing Marco Polo, don’t worry, we won’t judge you.

What Time is It, Mr. Fox?

Now, this may sound strange, but you may recognize the game when described. One person floats in the middle of the pool, while everyone else is on the other side. Then they try to swim across as fast as they can to get to the other side without being touched by the one in the middle.

You probably recognize it but are confused about the name. Apparently, a lot of people had different names and themes in this game. Some people say the kid in the middle is the shark and everyone else is a fish. Some say they’re an octopus, and at home, someone else called them a Fox. If there’s a most popular name for this game that everyone played, we don’t know it, but “What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?” was one of the funniest names for it.

You Need a Pool to Play Pool Games

If these games have you reliving your childhood, or wanting to show them to your kids, you need a pool first. Some pools are better for families and some are better for adults and their friends. Come to any of our three locations, and our showrooms can show you our selection of pools for you to choose from. Contact one of our locations today. Our experts are always happy to help.