Possible Pool Problems Solved!
pool problems

While owning a pool is fun and games most of the time, occasionally pool owners will run into small problems. Some of these pool problems may seem big and scary, but with the right help and knowledge, they can be fixed in no time. 

Broken Objects In or Around Your Pool

This problem is possibly the biggest hassle of them all. You may have heard the rule “no glass by the pool”, and that is not said for no reason. Once glass breaks in or around a pool, there are many safety risks. You can cut yourself on the glass accidentally while cleaning, and it can damage your pool and the filtration system as well. Because of the severity of this accident, a pool owner should not allow any glass dishes, bottles, cups, or any other product in the pool area. While some glass objects are unavoidable to have in a pool area, such as lighting inside the pool and overhead lighting, people should still be careful around those objects.

If a glass object does break in your pool, there is no need to panic. There is a safe way you can proceed. Many sources will tell you that once you vacuum your pool multiple times, it is okay to continue using it. However, this doesn’t ensure that all the glass is out of the pool, since it’s nearly impossible to see it all while in the water, and it puts you and your appliances at risk. When vacuuming, glass can enter the filter, and this puts you at high risk for injury when cleaning your filter next. Additionally, if glass makes its way into your cartridge filter, it will rip it apart, causing you to need to replace the cartridges. 

The easiest way to avoid all these risks is to drain your pool completely. While it may seem like a lot of work, it is the only way to make sure you and your pool are safe. Once it is drained and dry, you will need to sweep and vacuum your pool to remove all glass safely before refilling it. This strategy is worth the effort in many different ways. 

Algae Causing Pool Problems

Almost every pool owner has woken up to find their pool green. This always looks worse than it is, and there are typically simple ways to fix this. The cloudy green water commonly comes from algae growth, and with a few simple tricks, your water can be back to normal in less than a day. The three main steps to fixing this problem are:

  • Add chlorine 
  • Backwash the filter
  • Clean the pool

Adding in chlorine will quickly kill off algae and stop more from growing. Once this is done, backwashing your filter and then cleaning your pool by vacuuming, skimming, and scrubbing the sides will seal the deal. 

To prevent algae growth in the future, monitoring your chlorine levels to make sure they’re high enough and consistently cleaning your pool are key. This is one of the incredibly common pool problems to have, and it’s at no fault of yours!

Dead Animals Found In Pool

Everyone dreads this unavoidable moment as a pool owner, they walk outside or open up their filter to see a dead animal floating in their pool. This seems scary and serious, but it is not nearly as big an issue as one would think. Traditional animals such as most rodents, reptiles, and birds pose no real health risk, and it is only larger disease-carrying animals such as raccoons that need further and possible professional assistance. So how do you begin this cleanup?

First, grab gloves and a net or bucket to remove the animal with since this isn’t the most appealing job and reducing contact makes it more bearable. Once removed, double bagging the animal to reduce the smell is recommended. Disinfecting the pool has the same steps as if you were disinfecting after feces had been found in a pool. According to the CDC, you should take the following steps: 

  • Raise chlorine level to 2ppm 
  • Maintain a pH of 7.5 or less 
  • Maintain a temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • Maintain these conditions for at least 30 minutes 

Machines Causing Pool Problems

Clogged pool filters can create issues with circulation. This is one of the easiest fixes because it is normally caused by a buildup of debris. Removing the leaves, dirt, and whatever else is inside will allow the filter to work again, and keeping up with cleaning your pool will prevent this from happening again. Electrical problems or a hole in your pool’s airline are other possible reasons for your pool not circulating correctly. If these are discovered, it is important to get this fixed by someone right away. 

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