Protecting Your Skin in the Summer Sun
woman putting sunscreen on face

As summer officially begins this week, everyone will start enjoying going outside to soak up the summer sun. But when everyone goes to the beach, swims in the pool, or even goes for a summer hike, someone always forgets to apply the key essential thing before going out in the hot sun. That summer essential? Sunscreen. 

Sunscreen is a lotion, gel, stick, or foam that’s a topical product that absorbs and reflects ultraviolet radiation. When it comes to sunlight, it’s what you can’t see that hurts you. Many people later in life see skin diseases occurring because in their early life, they did not take sunscreen application seriously. Sunscreen helps protect against sunburn and skin cancer. But don’t forget there are always some additives you can incorporate in your day when it comes to summer sun protection!

#1. Sunscreen

When people buy sunscreen they often don’t look at the ingredients. They normally look at the highest SPF, which is typically on the front of the bottle. This isn’t a bad thing to look for, but when looking for the best protectant, you also want to look at the ingredients used in the sunscreen. Sunscreens that have Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide are better at preventing skin damage and are the safer choice, especially if you have children!

Like we mentioned above, SPF isn’t a bad thing to look for. Generally, formulas with at least 30 SPF or higher are best if you want the ultimate protection from the sun. Normally, most sunscreen’s only last up to 80 minutes or less if you are in the water. So keep that in mind when reapplying sunscreen. It’s easy to lose track of time spent under the sun while you’re having fun in the cool water!

A key thing people don’t remember is sunscreen needs about 20 minutes to absorb on dry skin. Meaning if you put sunscreen on, don’t wait the 20 minutes, and then hit the water, it will wash off from your skin and you will be less protected!

#2. Shade

Shade is another preventative to UV Rays because shade blocks you from the direct sunlight. If you’re planning the summer season full of pool days, backyard barbecues, beach days, and picnics, don’t get burned severely by lingering in the sun for an extensive amount of time. 

Find or create shade while doing activities. It will provide you with a break from the sun, but also a break for your skin as well. There are many ways to create or find shade in the summer. Some common examples many people use are umbrellas, tents, canopies, or even sun shades. These are great ways to be blocked from the sun while also still being outside. 

#3. Clothing

When it comes to clothing, you want to wear what is comfortable and covers you from the sun. For example, baseball caps do provide protection for your face but they do not cover your ears and neck. You want to go with something that covers everything, such as a wide brimmed hat. Wide brimmed hats provide shade and covers all the way around your neck, ears, and face.

It doesn’t have to be heavy clothing either, it can be light clothing such as cover ups or even light t-shirts that cover your stomach, chest, and shoulders from the sun.

While clothing does cover you to a degree, for the skin you don’t have covered it’s strongly suggestive to putting sunscreen on to protect that open skin from burning — especially as we start seeing the summer heat reach temperatures of 90 degrees or greater. That’s when you start obtaining the summer tan and burning. Keep that in mind as the summer starts heating up!

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