Simple Swimming Strokes
competitive swimmer using swimming strokes

While many of us just enjoy lounging on a pool float with our sunglasses on and a drink in our hand, there are some days where knowing how to efficiently swim comes in handy. Whether you’ve fallen into a lake and need to get back to the boat or if you just want to show off your skills in the pool, there are some simple swimming strokes that are important to know. Let’s check some of them out. 

Breaststroke – One of the Most Popular Swimming Strokes

breaststroke guide graphic - Swimming Strokes

This is one of the most popular swimming techniques. To begin, you extend your arms above your head, keeping them in line with your body as horizontally as possible. You then pull both arms back towards you beneath the water, moving them out away from your body as they get closer. Slowly bend your arms as they start moving towards you until they reach your chest. Then, pull your arms in towards your body and push them forward above your head, extending your arms and repeating the process. The entire time you’re doing the breaststroke, be sure that you are kicking, or fluttering, your legs beneath the water to help propel you forward.

Butterfly Stroke

butterfly stroke guide graphic - Swimming Strokes

Next up is the butterfly stroke. You start by once again, placing your arms above your head, extended, so they are in line with your body. Then while they are underwater, you push your arms down towards your sides. Be sure to not bend them. Keep them straight until they are at your sides. Then, lifting your arms out of the water, glide them back up where they were when you began, above your head as though you were doing a jumping-jack. Once you’ve reached this step, you’re ready to repeat the process. Again, be sure to move your legs while you are using this technique.


backstroke guide graphic

Now, for this technique, you begin by positioning yourself on your back with one arm at your side and the other held up above your head in a horizontal position. Then, keeping your body in line, you move the arm above your head under the water to rest at your side while simultaneously moving the other arm that was resting at your side up out of the water so that it is above your head. Continuously repeat this process while kicking your legs beneath the surface to perfect the stroke.

Freestyle Stroke – One of the Most Efficient Swimming Strokes

freestyle stroke guide graphic

Lastly, we have the freestyle stroke. This stroke is similar to the backstroke, only this time you are on your stomach. With one arm extended in front of you and the other at your side, you kick off and move the extended arm underwater, back towards you. As that arm is moving, your other arm should be extended out, lifting out of the water. As you move the arm that is above water, your face should be turned in that direction to breathe. Once that arm has gone beneath the water and your other arm exits the water, your face should be facing that direction. 

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