Soak Up the Summer!
summer fun and games

Everyone’s first instinct as the season changes is to enjoy every bit of it before it goes away. The folks who prefer the heat over the cold know the sad feeling of the change in seasons. So, why not soak up all the sun you can before the cold winters begin? Take advantage of all your favorite summer activities in the best ways. 

Everyone enjoys being poolside in the summer, whether that is sitting in the lounge chair, relaxing with your feet in the pool, or playing Marco Polo with your friends. Those are some of the sunny activities that make summer feel a little longer each time you are doing them. 

All Sun and Games

Pool games are the best of the best. They keep you cool and smiling. There are many games to choose from, and some of the best ones are the ones you make up along the way. There is an endless list of games to play and things to do in the pool – for example, whirlpool, belly flop contest, shark & minnows, freeze tag, and Simon Says. Those are popular games that you can play in the pool with your friends and family. There are props you can buy to also make your pool experience more fun as well, such as basketballs and basketball hoops, volleyballs, pool noodles, and floaties. If you want to take your pool experience to the next level, check out more pool games!

Safety is always first! Please ensure you know swim safety or have a lifeguard or parent present at the time. 

Wet Feet

This is for the people who prefer to be half in and half outside the pool. You enjoy being cool, you like having your feet in the cold water and face in the hot sun. Keeping your body temperature very balanced. Some days you just prefer not to go deep diving. This way can be as relaxing as you make it. You can sit on your phone, read a book and even just watch your kids or friends play in the pool. This is one of the best versions of soaking up the sun. This is what you make of it.

Laid Back

We all love to relax on the lounge chairs. These are for the people who love the sun completely. While in this moment, you truly soak all the sun and heat. They want to feel every ounce of sunlight and yes, tan. Most people are often found just laying back, eyes closed, and relaxing. Others can be found reading a book, on TikTok, eating fruit, or best yet, sleeping. Many parents and large groups of friends love this because it gives the parents great eyesight of the kids and it gives friends time to share thoughts and memories. 

Health and safety is always needed. It is very important that you are wearing sunscreen when in the sun for several hours. 

Check Out Aqua Leisure Pools’ Selection

Of course, to enjoy all these fun activities and make memories you need a pool. Visit Aqua Leisure today to check out what best suits you. We want to be a part of your soaking up the summer festivities. Also, check out our hot tubs for the chilly season!