Splashing Into Summer: Perfect Holidays for a Pool Party
summer pool party

Summer is getting closer and closer everyday. People are itching for an excuse to get together and have a pool party. Now there’s nothing wrong with just throwing a party, but if you’re looking for a theme, why not take advantage of one of summer’s holidays?

National Sunscreen Day (May 28th): Skin health is important and there’s no better time to use sunscreen then when you’re about to swim. Use skin health awareness as a way to get people in the water. Have everyone break out the rafts and float around while using the appropriate amount of sunscreen to stay safe! Plus, having cocktails themed after sunscreen bottles could spice up the party (safely).

Memorial Day (May 31st): Whenever Memorial Day is mentioned, there’s two things everyone thinks about: honoring our veterans and having amazing pool parties to commemorate them! As the unofficial start of summer, a lot of people are feeling the urge to get in the nearest pool as soon as they can. Why not help them out? Invite everyone you can, including veterans, and mix the two themes together. There isn’t a single person who doesn’t love an American flag beach ball!

Summer Solstice (Jun 21st): Sun’s out, weather’s warm, and you’ve got the most amount of daylight out of the year! No excuse not to hold the longest pool party you can. The Solstice has been a holiday in different cultures for thousands of years, oftentimes with bonfires and dancing. Have your neighbors and friends over, set up the barbeque and just enjoy your time in the sun. With bonfires being tradition, there’s no reason not to include some swimming and smores!

Independence Day (Jul 4th): This holiday needs no introduction, fireworks, cookouts, and most importantly, swimming! Getting the family together for a pool party just adds to the excitement of the holiday. Everybody can relax and have a great time in the pool. When night rolls around, you can watch the fireworks from the water. Nothing is quite as magical as the reflection of the fireworks glistening off your pool.

National Hot Dog Day (Jul 21st): Grilling is a summer tradition that goes hand in hand with swimming. Put the grill poolside, find your favorite brand of hotdog, sausage, or maybe even bratwurst and celebrate. It might be debated whether a hot dog is a sandwich, but at least no one will debate if having a pool party is a good idea.

National Dog Day (Aug 26th): Humans aren’t the only ones who love swimming. Some of our favorite furry friends would love nothing more than to go for a doggy paddle in the water. Have everyone bring their dogs and go for a swim to beat the summer heat, since all that fur ends up getting pretty warm. Just make sure no one drinks the pool water!

Labor Day (Sept 6th): Closing out the summer, we have the last patriotic holiday of the season, Labor Day. It might be sad to hear that the season is coming to an end, but there’s no need to stop swimming. Having everybody together for one last hurrah will never be a bad idea, plus we can reuse any of the themes, decorations, and food ideas from our other patriotic parties!

With summer just around the corner, there’s no reason why you can’t get a jump start on your holiday plans! Stop by any of our three store locations or contact us here to get your pool ready for all that summer fun. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating in the water!