Swimming Pool Myths & Misconceptions
inground swimming pool metal ladder

As children, we all thought that there was nothing better than spending the afternoon in the pool, followed by a meal straight off the grill. But of course, eating was our least favorite part of the day. Why? Because our parents always told us that we had to wait “for our food to digest” before going back in the water. There are so many myths and misconceptions that we learned as children that aren’t entirely true. So before you become your parents and start telling your children these iconic falsehoods, check out some of the most common swimming pool myths.

Wait to Swim – The Most Common of all Swimming Pool Myths

As we mentioned earlier, many parents tell their children that they have to wait between 30-45 minutes after they eat before getting back in the pool. Their reasoning differs depending on the day. One day, it’s that your body will use all of its energy digesting the food and you will be too weak to keep swimming. Another day, it will be that the digestion will cause cramps. No matter the reasoning, it always ends in you not being able to swim and potentially drowning. 

While we applaud our parents for keeping an eye out for our safety, they aren’t 100% right. Now, you don’t want to eat a Thanksgiving dinner before getting back in the pool, but indulging in a hotdog and some chips won’t hurt. To really be sure that you’re safe, you can always wear a PFD to help keep you afloat. 

Chlorine Turns Your Hair Green

We’ve all witnessed it — our blonde-haired friend getting into the pool with normal hair and getting out with a green tint to their locks. Most of us throw the blame on chlorine but did you know that chlorine doesn’t actually cause the green hue? Well, not entirely. 

What happens is that most pools have copper in them, whether it be from the water source that was used to fill the pool or from algaecide and mineral sanitizers added to help keep the pool clean. When the copper becomes oxidized, it clings to the protein in each strand of hair, leaving you with a new hair color. But not to worry, it washes out. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly, as chlorine dries it out if not washed out. 

Clear Equals Clean – Swimming Pool Myths

The pool water is crystal clear, and you can’t wait to jump in. Because clear water means that it’s clean, right? Wrong. Just because pool water looks clean doesn’t mean that it is. You could have unhealthy, or even harmful amounts of microorganisms lurking in that “clean” pool water. Always test your pool water on a regular basis to ensure that you’re keeping safe and healthy. 

Aqua Leisure Has The Answers

If you need to stabilize your pool’s chemicals so that it is safe to swim in, add some new chemicals to stop your hair from changing colors, or even want to purchase some PFDs for pool safety, the pool professionals of Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas have you covered. Contact us today or visit either of our stores, located in Wilkes-Barre and Dickson City.