Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Backyard Oasis Safe and Organized
Colorful Inflatable Pool Floats in a storage box by a Swimming Pool

On a nice summer day, people are eager to get in their pools and enjoy their private oasis. What’s better than a summer afternoon spent poolside? Having your own pool is amazing during the hot summer months, but it can pose some safety risks if you aren’t careful. Before you can relax in the water, you need to ensure that your backyard is safe. 

Here are some pool safety tips and tricks to making sure that this summer will be the best one yet.

How to Keep Your Pool Safe

All swimming pools should have fencing or a gate in place to protect young children from accidentally falling in while unsupervised. If you have an in-ground pool, a fence that runs around the entire pool is advised, and sometimes legally required. If you have an above-ground pool, it’s best practice to have a gate on your deck. It’s always recommended to have one that can be locked or even a pool ladder that can be elevated and locked in place. Pool gates should swing away from the pool and be self-closing/self-latching. For additional safety, install alarms on pool gates to alert you when they have been opened and invest in a pool alarm that alerts you when something has fallen into the water. 

Pool owners should also have a designated personal flotation device (PFD) within reach in case of an emergency. Along with a PFD, pool owners should have some other essential items on hand, such as:

  • A phone to call 911 
  • A pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing, or pool toys that have become stuck
  • A first aid kit
  • Sunscreen

Another safe practice is having pool rules in place, such as no running, no pushing, and no swimming alone. Ensure that your children and guests know what the rules are for everyone’s safety. Chemicals should also be stored in a secure place where children cannot get into them. Lastly, any pool toys you’re not using should be put away so that no one trips and falls into the pool.

How to Organize Your Pool Items

Having a pool may seem like a good idea, but when your backyard is littered with wet towels, pool toys, and giant inflatable swans, you may have second thoughts. Organizing your pool area keeps your backyard looking its best and everyone safe. 

Invest in a deck box or another type of water-resistant pool storage container to house items such as fresh towels, snorkels, and diving rings and sticks. But for pool noodles and floats that are often too big to fit, what can you do? Have any pallets lying around? If so, you can transform them into pallet pool storage!

First, you’ll need to sand the pallet and paint or stain it the color of your choice. Once that’s done, you can either hang it vertically on your fence or have it free-standing, but be sure to secure it to the ground so that it doesn’t fall on anyone. Next, drill some hooks into each board to hang your towels, goggles, or lifejackets on. Lastly, place your pool noodles through the opening between the boards. 

For your pool floats, you can install netting along your fence to hold the floats in place so they aren’t laying in your yard or blowing away during a storm. Now your yard is free of clutter, and your kids know where all their toys are. 

Get Everything You Need to Care for Your Pool

If you need a pool opening, chemicals, or some new pool accessories, you’re in luck. Our pool professionals have it all for you. Contact Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas for all your swimming pool needs this summer!