The History of Swimming Pools
old fashioned swimmers in a pool

Swimming is one of the summer’s go-to activities across the country and around the world. Being able to dip your toes into cool, crystal clear waters on a hot summer day sounds like the perfect escape. Where did these fantastic objects of fun originate? Let’s take a look at where the idea of a pool got started and how they became summer’s fun in the sun treat!

The First Swimming Pools

The first version of the swimming pool dates back to at least 2600 B.C., when the Great Baths of Mohenjodaro were built in Pakistan. While this plaster and brick creation may look like something you would find in 21st-century recreation, its primary purpose was not quite the same as it is said to have been used for religious reasons.

The next groups to take the idea of a pool and run with it were the Greeks and Romans. The Greeks established the first bathing pools between 800 and 600 B.C. Even Plato thought teaching children how to swim was just important as learning math and astronomy. Roman emperor Gaius Maecenas was responsible for building the first heated swimming pool in the 1st century B.C. This idea was instantly popular. These heated pools were featured all throughout Rome, many with intricate designs and tile.

Moving to Modern

The modern popularity of the swimming pool did not really establish itself until the 1800s in England. This is when swimming for sport also began. Swimming races debuted in the first modern Olympic Games, and popularity took off. The first pool in America, the Cabot Street Bath in Boston, dates back to 1868. In 1907, the first above-ground pool opened at the Philadelphia Racquet Club. By the 1920s, public swimming pools in the United States had truly taken off.

In 1947, Doughboy Recreational created above-ground pool kits that were affordable for residential use. Around the same time, advances in purification, design, and accessories began to take hold in the industry. Vanishing edge pools, lazy rivers, grottos, and water features have become popular over the last 60 years. Now you will find all types of above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. Anything is possible these days, especially with the advances in technology!

Swim Into Summer with Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas

As you can see, the swimming pool has made a huge transformation over the years and has become one of the summer’s most popular pastimes. It is certainly one of our favorites to enjoy! For more information on these amazing summertime treats, visit one of our three store locations or online at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas.