Tips for an Awesome End-of-Summer Party
end of summer party

Throwing an end-of-summer pool party can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. When you don’t have to start from scratch and have a checklist to follow, it can actually be fun! Here are some of the top tips from the pool party experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas! By following these steps, you’ll throw a bash that your friends and family will never forget.

Tip #1: Send Some Fun Invites

You have to send out invitations. Don’t just ask people by word of mouth. That’s a great way to let people forget you’re even having a party, let alone when it is.

Create custom invitations for your guests. They can be physical cards, social media invites, or even just a well-worded text. There’s a ton you can do in just a few minutes.

Make sure to include all the pertinent details, such as date, time, location, and dress code. Though, if the dress code isn’t “your favorite bathing suit,” what are we even doing here?

Tip #2: Clean Your Pool

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, so make sure it’s crystal clear and ready to go. Lucky for you, Aqua Leisure has all the chemicals and supplies you could need. If you need help figuring out just how much to use of any material, don’t worry. The experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas can help!

Tip #2: Get Those Drinks

Despite being in the water, people do get thirsty after swimming – after all, it is exercise! You can’t exactly drink the pool water (please don’t drink the pool water). So make sure you stock up and have something to drink for everyone!

Whether it’s an adult end-of-the-summer party or one for friends and family, there are a ton of options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Tip #3: Make It Memorable

Make sure to include a few fun activities that your guests won’t soon forget. If it’s an event with kids, consider something like a slip ‘n slide or create an obstacle course in the pool. Something that will keep the kids corralled and easy to watch while the parents can take a break. You could also organize a few water balloon fights or set up an outdoor movie night.

If you want to give the adults something special to do, consider something more relaxing. Inflatable chairs for everyone to veg out on or a volleyball for everyone to play are two ways to enjoy your pool in two different ways.

Give people options. Whether your party has kids or adults only, having pool toys just to mess around with is already fun. Consider things like beach balls, floating coolers, tubes, noodles, and more.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Food

Unlike drinks, food takes a bit more preparation closer to the party date. You can get it catered which requires scheduling and setup. You can cook for yourself, which will take more time and effort if you’re not up for that. Or maybe you get food you can purchase and set up the day off. Mini sandwiches, chips, and pretzels will always be good party food.

Maybe you can turn it into a cookout where you make the food as the party goes on. Less stress and you can prep ahead of time easier. Serve up some classic summertime staples like burgers, hotdogs, and s’mores! You have plenty of options.

Tip #5: Have an Emergency Plan

As with any party, it’s important to have an emergency plan in place should something go wrong. Swimming isn’t particularly dangerous, but accidents happen and there should always be someone on the lookout, especially if kids are swimming. Make sure to talk to your guests before the event to ensure everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Ensure Your Backyard Oasis is Ready to Go Before the Party Starts with the Help of Aqua Leisure!

We don’t just install your pools. We also help you make sure it’s clean. Get the cleaning supplies you need for your end-of-summer pool party at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas! If you want to keep the aquatic fun going all year round, consider getting a swim spa or a hot tub to keep warm into the fall and winter seasons. It’ll be a long time before summer rolls back around.

Otherwise, with these tips, you’ll be able to throw the most epic end-of-summer pool party. So get ready and start planning now—your guests are sure to have a blast!