Add These Water Features to Your Pool This Year!
water features

One of the best things about swimming pools is that you don’t have to install everything at once. Of course, you have to put the pool’s body and the water in first, but nothing is stopping you from adding accouterments and new water features to your pool later on down the line. There are various things you can add for relaxation, fun, or simple maintenance. A pool heater, for example, can be added at any stage of the pool’s life. You can add things at your own pace.

There are some that Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas recommends to the pool owners who come into our stores. Some may seem like no-brainers, and others you may not have considered. With pools, especially in-ground pools, the sky is the limit with what water features you can add to your pool.

How Do You Install Water Features to Your Pool?

Some water features are simple additions that professionals from Aqua Leisure have experience handling. Some may require a recommendation to a partner or local professional. For example, a waterfall will require a pool professional to inspect your pool’s drainage and pump system. This may also require connecting with plumbers if your pool’s systems connect to any other system on your property, but this is not always necessary or common.

Check Out Our Favorite Water Features

No two types of water features are the same, and even examples of each type may look incredibly different. With in-ground pools, you have plenty of options, we can only offer types for you to consider. Features that can help you and your family enjoy your pool even more than you already do, or plan to.


Speaking of waterfalls, this is one of the most common types of water features that people have added to their in-ground pools. They don’t have a lot of use for play or relaxation, but what they add to your landscape’s atmosphere cannot be underestimated. 

Clean water gently falling down rocks, near flora, and flowing into your pool brings a natural touch to your pool and your landscape. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. They have to be made around the shape of your landscape and your pool’s piping. Not to forget, if you choose to use real rocks rather than fake ones, your waterfall design likely does not resemble another’s. 

Scuppers, Cascades, and Curtains

These water features are similar. They funnel water from the pool up and out through a pretty display back into the pool. There are many different types of designs you can use to add to the aesthetic of your pool, and they fall under three different types.

  • Scuppers: These water funnels are rectangular and let loose a larger flow of water than the other types. The shape of the waterfall scuppers will change throughout the day which may fit your pool’s aesthetic or water consumption better.
  • Cascades: This type of water funnel can be used to mimic waterfalls, and is often seen as an alternative. They may also be designed so a spillover spa may have a waterfall from the tub to the pool.
  • Curtains: These water funnels mimic the shape of a curtain. They are thin slits that send out water in a way that looks like a falling curtain. While it may not look natural, many appreciate this aesthetic for being consistent, simple, and regal.


Enough about pool aesthetics, what about pool fun? If you have children in your family or play host to many active friends, having a pool with a slide is the best way to go. What is there not to like about sliding water into a huge splash? 

Slides come in all shapes and sizes too. There are tall ones and short ones for children of varying ages. There are ones that stand apart from the pool and can be positioned anywhere, and ones that are built into the landscape, possibly designed with a waterfall in mind.


If you want a pool with a shallow end and seats, a nice addition to them would be bubblers. Bubblers will do as their name suggests, create bubbles with small jets that push water toward the surface. These can be massaging, relaxing, or just fun to play with. Who isn’t fascinated by water bubbles?

Pool Heaters

Pool heaters do not offer any aesthetic benefits, nor do they visibly add to a pool’s fun factor, but of all the water features we’ve suggested, pool heaters will increase your enjoyment the most. 

Have you ever jumped into a pool that’s been bathing in the scorching hot sun, only for it to be icy cold? Sure, we want to cool down, but we don’t want to be frozen solid. That’s why we have pool heaters to set the water temperature to a temperature we like.

Being able to control the water temperature also extends how long you can be in a pool. If you make your water as warm as you want, you keep your pool open well into the fall and open it earlier in the spring. When you don’t have the ability to heat your pool, you are at the whims of the weather, and you can’t rely on mother nature to be the temperature you want.

Contact the Experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas for More Information on Water Features for Your In-Ground Pool

It’s common to want all the added features in the world for your pool. You want the best of the best to have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Sometimes you just want to be able to look at the pool and see a beautiful oasis. Thankfully, there are all kinds of water features so you can have the world for your in-ground pool. 

If you need help figuring out what features are compatible with your pool, or how to get them installed, contact your local Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. We’re happy to help.