What Do You Need to Install a New In-Ground Pool This Summer?
installing a new in-ground pool

Summer is a time of joy and fun, with long days full of sunshine, warmth, and – if you’re a kid – no school! Sorry, adults, work doesn’t stop. But why settle for just the regular activities when you can take your summer to the next level by installing an in-ground pool in your backyard?

With a new pool, you can have endless hours of entertainment right at home! Installing a new pool isn’t the simplest thing in the world though. If you hire the experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas, there are several things we must first do – or ensure are done – before we can proceed. Luckily, with the warm weather and extra daylight, you already have the ideal conditions to complete the project.

Talk to the experts at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas so we can explain everything you might need to install your pool.

The New Summer Pool Supplies and Parts That You Need

You can’t have a pool without the equipment and parts that make it work. It takes more than water and a hole in the ground to make a pool. Here’s what you need to have before your pool is ready for swimming.

  • Liner: Every pool needs some kind of pool liner to hold the water. Pool liners can be made with heavy-duty vinyl, polyester, or (the best and most long-lasting material) fiberglass. Choose a liner rated for in-ground pools and your pool’s dimensions.
  • Pump and filter: This pump is used to circulate the water, and a filter is meant to keep it clean. You’ll need a pump with enough power for your pool size. Sand or cartridge filters are common for in-ground pools.
  • Ladder: All pools need a ladder and/or steps to safely enter and exit the pool. Choose a ladder that extends down to the deepest part of your pool. If your pool doesn’t have them, you’re putting yourself and your loved ones at risk of a tragic accident.
  • Skimmer and returns: Skimmers collect debris from the pool lining’s surface. You can install them according to the size and shape of your pool and choose between manual skimming tools or automatic pool skimmers. If you have automatic pool skimmers, make sure you are not using them while someone is swimming.
  • Chemicals: Chemicals properly balance the pH level and chlorinate the water. You’ll need pH increaser/decreaser, chlorine tablets or granules, and algaecide to keep your pool safe and free of dangerous pathogens.

The Materials For Your New In-Ground Pool

There’s no one option for building your pool. Some materials are more popular and/or compatible with your property than others. Contact the experts at your local Aqua Leisure Pools and Spa location to find out what’s available to you.

  • Concrete: Concrete is used for the pool walls and floor. You’ll need several cubic yards of concrete poured and smoothed by a professional.
  • Rebar: Steel-reinforcing bars are needed to strengthen the concrete.
  • Fiberglass: This long-lasting material is used for a pool’s walls, floor, and lining.
  • Polyester: This is the most commonly used material for a pool’s walls, floor, and lining.
  • Tile or plaster: For the pool interior. Tile is a popular and attractive option but requires more work to install. Plaster is a more affordable option but may stain or chip more easily.
  • Fencing: If you have children or pets, your pool should have a fence around it for safety. Check your local zoning regulations for fence requirements around in-ground pools.

The Weather Requirements For Building a New Summer Pool

While now is an optimal time to build a pool, you still need to be careful of the weather during the building process. Here are some things we consider when building a new summer pool for someone.

  • Rain: Avoid heavy rain, which can damage the pool site or hinder concrete pouring. Check the forecast and have a rain plan in case of showers.
  • Temperature: While you don’t have to, there are benefits to installing your pool during the warmest months of the year. Many of our experts prefer when temperatures are steadily in the 70s or higher. This allows the concrete and liner to properly set and cure.
  • Sunlight: We recommend installing the pool in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day so you can enjoy the pool for more of the day.

Contact Aqua Leisure Pools & Spas For Help With Your New In-Ground Pool

Installing a new in-ground pool can be fun and rewarding after it’s done, but it requires careful planning and preparation. You’ll need the right supplies, materials, and weather conditions to ensure your new summer pool is safe and durable. Make sure you research local regulations for fencing requirements around pools before beginning any construction work.

But if installing a pool isn’t possible for you, there are other options available from Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. We offer hot tubs and swim spas that can provide just as much fun during the summer months. No matter what kind of aquatic activity you choose to do this season, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time! Contact us today for more information.