What to Look for When Shopping For a Quality Swimming Pool
quality swimming pool

Buying a swimming pool is an exciting investment, but it’s important to do your research before making a decision. At Aqua Leisure, we have multiple different types of quality swimming pools to choose from. One of them is perfect for you. We just have to find it.

To help you find out everything you need to know, Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas is here to help.

How to Find a Quality Swimming Pool Perfect For You

Finding the perfect swimming pool can be a rewarding experience. But, being unsure about your purchase can potentially ruin the whole experience too. To ensure you feel comfortable with your investment, consider these seven things when choosing the right pool.

#1. Proper Filtration System

A quality swimming pool should have the proper filtration system in place. This includes a pump, filter, and chemical sanitation system that work together to keep your pool water clean and crystal clear. You can’t have a safe pool without a filtration system of some kind.

#2. Proper Ventilation

You won’t find any quality swimming pools without a good ventilation system. It’s integral to keeping your pool clean but also safe. Ventilation keeps the temperature comfortable and manageable.

Of course, it can’t stop an extremely hot day from making your pool hot. But ventilation keeps the pool from hitting dangerous levels of hot or cold simply because of its placement in your yard.

#3. Cleanliness

This is less a feature and more based on your ability. You will have to clean this pool somehow, so make sure it’s a shape and size to best match your comfort and ability.

If you plan to use an automatic skimmer, how much free time and work you’ll do isn’t that important. The skimmer will do the cleaning itself, and testing chemicals is the least physically intensive thing you have to do when cleaning your pool.

If you plan to skim the pool by hand, you have to be sure it’s a size that you can manage and doesn’t have any angles you think you may struggle with. In this case, sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple.

#4. Safety Barriers

Any quality swimming pool must have the proper safety barriers, such as staircases and ladders for people to walk in and out of the pool. If the only way to get in and out is to pull yourself up and out, that’s a safety hazard.

It’s also a good idea to consider adding fences or netting to protect children and pets from an accidental drowning that could come from entering the pool area unsupervised.

#5. A Shallow and Deep End

Quality swimming pools should have both a shallow end where children can play without fear of the water going over their heads and a deeper end for adults and older children to swim.

#6. Heating Equipment

A quality swimming pool should also be equipped with heated pumps. This way, you can swim through warm water, rather than whatever temperature the weather forecast is. This will allow you to keep your pool open longer and/or earlier than pools that don’t have heaters.

#7. Drainage System

A good drainage system is essential for any quality swimming pool as it helps to quickly remove stagnant water that could cause bacteria growth if left untreated for too long.

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