When Should You Open Your Pool?
opening your pool

With the weather warming up, it’s almost that time of the year again when you can open your pool. For some, it may be time already, but with this recent winter being one of the colder ones, it’s hard to tell for sure when you should open yours.

The colder the winter, the longer you have to wait. Most of Northeastern Pennsylvania has been hit with snowfall in March in the past, so there’s still a chance of snow. It’s reasonable to hesitate before opening your pool. Snow and cold temperatures can seriously damage your pool’s piping and lining, so you need to be careful.

But, in some instances, you shouldn’t wait, because you may damage your pool otherwise. The experts at Aqua Leisure Pool and Spas are here to help you figure that out.

When Should You Open Your Pool?

The most important thing to check when opening your pool is what color your water is. Take a peek under the cover, and if it’s green, it might be worth opening your pool earlier than normal. If it’s blue, you should probably wait as it’s clean and doesn’t need to go through a long cleaning process. When it’s green, it has algae, which is good in the ocean, but not in a swimming pool.

Opening Blue Pools

When your water is blue, you can open it now, but waiting until mid-April is fine. You don’t want to wait too long, or else algae will grow no matter how well you cleaned and closed it off. It’s up to you because, with how cold the winter was and how cold the spring still is, the weather can damage your pool.

Fiberglass pools will stand up to the snow and chilly temperatures, but the other parts of your pool, such as your chlorine and heating systems, may not. So, it’s safer to wait and see that there’s no more heavy snow coming before opening it.

Opening Green Pools

When your water is green, you want to get it clean soon. If it’s green after the winter, this isn’t irreversible. But, if you let it stay green once it gets warm, it can severely damage the systems of your pool and may need to be drained to be cleaned.

The algae that grows in a pool isn’t the same as in the ocean. These are the breeding ground for bacteria that give you skin rashes and infect your eyes and ears. Even after you’ve drained the pool, you want to have a professional clean it or cover open areas while you clean it yourself to avoid getting sick.

Pool water turns green for one of two reasons: the pool wasn’t cleaned properly before it was covered, or it wasn’t covered properly. Sometimes things happen and you have to do a rush job, or you don’t clean or cover the pool as well as you should. This can be fixed with consistent cleaning treatment if you start early before the problem gets worse. By early, we mean as soon as possible.

While opening and cleaning the pool now can lead to some risks due to the weather, you can try temporarily closing it before snow or hail.

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