Why Are Pools Dirty After You Open Them?
dirty pools

When the pool is covered, you know summer is officially over. But when you uncover your pool, you know summer is just starting. When you first uncover your pool, wouldn’t you love just to jump inside and swim? Unfortunately, pools are incredibly dirty after being covered for so long. Aqua Leisure wants to inform you why you have a dirty pool when you open it and tips to fix it so you can enjoy the warm weather as soon as possible.

Why Do We Cover The Pool?

The main purpose of a pool cover is to protect the pool and save you money in the long run. There are many necessary reasons why you should cover your pool during the cold weather. Having your pool covered prevents it from getting damaged during snow or rain storms.

While your pool is closed for the cold seasons, it’s also cutting down the cost of electricity and evaporation of the water. If you go without it uncovered during winter, the damage can cost you more money and time.

How Do Pools Get Dirty When Covered?

The big question is how your pool still gets dirty despite being covered. Shouldn’t that keep it mostly clean too? First time pool owners commonly think if the pool is covered, they will just have to reopen it to swim when the time comes. Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Although the pool is covered, all sorts of debris can still get inside. From the sides, underneath, or from sneaking in during a heavy storm or high winds. This doesn’t even account for the dirty rain water that will seep through your cover. You also have to keep in mind that you will have your pool closed for about 8-9 months. While your pool is closed, it is going untreated for months. The pH levels are off, the filter is clogged from dirt, bugs, and pollen sneaking underneath the cover, cracks from below-freezing temperatures, and algae growth.

Those problems are not difficult to fix and are less costly than if you left your pool uncovered in the winter, but they still happen.

Time To Take The Cover Off

Here are some tips you should take before dipping and diving this summer.

  • Inspect the entire pool for loose cracks, tiles, stains, and algae growth.
  • Do not drain the pool water. This can cause problems.
  • Do not fold the cover-up while wet after washing it with soap and water.
  • Check the pool levels to make sure you are balancing the chemicals correctly.
  • Check and clean the filter.
  • Vacuum and scrub your pool thoroughly before swimming.
  • If the pool needs a shock treatment, you have to wait for 12 to 24 hours. If it does not need to be shocked, you can swim immediately after.

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