Your Swimming Pool Selection Guide
happy parents in a swimming pool with their child on a float

You’ve talked it over as a family, checked all of your community zoning requirements, and even opened the conversation with your homeowner’s insurance–and now it’s official. You’re getting a swimming pool! But how do you determine what is best for you and your family? Don’t stress–we’ve put together a selection guide for how to choose a swimming pool for your family. You’ll be yelling “cannonball” in no time.

How Often Will It Be Used (And By Whom)

The first question you need to ask yourself is how often will the pool be used and by whom? If you will be the only person using the pool, mostly to float and tan, then a large pool isn’t really necessary. On the other hand, if you plan to use your pool as a part of your summer exercise routine for laps, a longer pool may be more beneficial.

If you have a family, you’ll want to account for that when determining how often it will be used. Not only will your kids be using it, but probably their friends (and parents, too). But know this: just because your child says they want a big pool doesn’t mean they won’t use a smaller pool, too. When’s the last time a kid said no to swimming? Never!

Though not a large part of your decision, though perhaps part, is if you plan to have guests over often. If you’ve been known to host summer parties, then a larger pool for you and your guests may be most suitable for your lifestyle.

Above or In-Ground?

When most people think of swimming pools, they imagine the huge in-ground pools with tiki torches all around. While we can do that, an above-ground pool may be just as nice, if not more practical, for your family.

If your pool budget doesn’t make huge waves, but still splashes, an above-ground pool is affordable and more immediate. We have DIY kits or professional installation packages for all sizes, shapes, and styles. We also have hybrid options for the best of both worlds–our Buster Crabbe Aqua Sport Hybrid is semi in-ground and is perfect for the lot which slopes.

But if you have your heart set on the in-ground pool, we have you covered. You’ll want to think about what you want in your in-ground pool. Will you select a vinyl liner or fiberglass construction? This is a pretty big decision because it’s not just on your lot space–it has a lot to do with how much you plan to spend for the life of the pool. If you can afford the up-front cost, a fiberglass pool is a great choice for the lifetime of the pool.

Pool Size

Now that you know if you’ll be purchasing an above or in-ground pool, you can decide on the size of your pool. Bigger does not mean better, but the choice is up to you. It’s important to keep in mind the size of your yard, any property boundaries, and any lawn accessories you already have like swing sets, jungle gyms, etc.

Not only do the preexisting elements of your yard matter, but your plans for the space around the pool matter as well. Do you want a patio or grilling area? You need to think of the big picture when determining the size.

Pool Designs

You’ll have the basic choice of round or oval when it comes to your above-ground pool. But for in-ground pools, the choices are vast: rectangular, oval, kidney, circular, etc. The design is up to you and your contractor, but you must keep in mind the price, size, materials, and location as those will all be contributing factors.

Safety Parameters

Right now, you have a toddler who will one day be able to swim and play without floaties. But for now, the fear of him falling into the pool accidentally has made you a nervous wreck. You may want to consider safety parameters to ensure your child’s safety and the safety of neighbors when it comes to your pool installation, like fencing.

With your mind full of knowledge, you’re ready to dive into the swimming pool of your dreams.

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