5 Aquatic Exercises for your Swim Spa!
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Spas and hot tubs are known for helping people relax. It’s no surprise that many people use our swim spas to calm their minds and soothe their muscles, but some people utilize them for aquatic exercise. Good thing our spas are built for that.

Our swim spas offer jet control and temperature functions to make exercise safe and enjoyable year-round. However, not everyone is experienced in aquatic exercise and may need some tips on where to start. Here are five aquatic exercises you can do with your swim spa!

Warning: We always recommend performing exercises in a swim spa with another person present. Reference this page for more information on how to be safe and when you should or shouldn’t use a swim spa/hot tub. Parents, read here for information on child safety.

*Seek medical advice from a licensed professional before starting any new exercise routines.

1. Aquatic Planking

For aquatic planking, you place your hands on the silver bar, kickboard, or the edge of your swim spa. Then raise your body perpendicular to the water’s surface. Hold this position in sets of 30 seconds for a full upper-body exercise. You can use the swim spa’s jet control to increase the difficulty in maintaining a plank position.

This swim spa exercise will test your upper body strength and improve your overall endurance. To further push your upper body, you can use waterproof wrist weights. We do not recommend weights more than 5 lbs and do not recommend using weights on any other part of the body.

aquatic planking

2. Core Toning

For core toning, you hold the silver bar of your swim spa, the kickboard, or the side with your back to the water. Your lower half can be submerged at an angle; just don’t touch the bottom with your feet.

You then bend your knees to your chest and rotate your waist from one side of your chest to the other. Use this in sets of 20 to begin and increase as your endurance/comfortability acclimates. You can also increase the swim spa’s jet for greater resistance. We do not recommend the use of any weights in this exercise.

This aquatic exercise will work your core abdomen region. It’s perfect for anyone who struggles with core movement in exercise machines. It will also test your shoulder strength and your upper body balance as you keep your back firmly straight to stay in position.

3. Aquatic Jogging (Two Exercises in One)

Stand in the middle of your swim spa, at least arm’s length away from the sides. Then, high-knee jog in place, raising your knee and thigh perpendicular to your back. You can also butt-kick jog instead. This is where you run with your knees pointed down and your heels coming up to kick your buttocks. For either, jog against the current of the jets and raise to increase the pressure.

High-knee jogging uses your core and strengthens all the muscles in your legs. This will get your heart rate going while also bettering your momentum, coordination, and flexibility.

Jogging with butt-kicks works your hamstring and your glutes. It will help to increase the speed of your hamstring contractions, which means it will help you run faster. It’s also a good dynamic stretch for your quads.

Both are recommended to be done for extended periods, in sets of one minute or alternating intervals of 30 seconds.

aquatic running

4. Leg Lifts (Another Two-in-One)

For this aquatic exercise, you hang onto the silver bar, the kickboard, or the side of your swim spa again. Make sure that your back is to the water and your lower half is submerged at an angle, where your feet don’t touch the bottom of the swim spa.

You can then bend your knees and lift both legs to your chest. This will strengthen your legs and improve your balance, while also supporting your back muscles and decreasing the risk of injury. Of course, turning the jets on high only adds pressure and bubbles.

You can also raise one leg to your chest at a time, alternating your legs in a running motion. This will strengthen both legs while improving your balance and endurance.

Bonus option! With your legs extended, you can stretch them apart, before bringing them back together. This will improve your endurance and flexibility. You can do this as an exercise or add it as an extra step to either leg-lifting exercise!

5. Aquatic Stretching

A good start and end to a workout is a necessity for your safety and health. Stretches are the best way to cool down while improving your joint mobility, cardiovascular health, and overall fitness throughout your body.

You can do several stretching swim spa exercises in repetitions of 30 to 45 seconds.

  • Standing and bending one knee to grab behind you. Feel free to hold onto the wall with one hand.
  • Prop one leg on your seat and lean forward to stretch out your hamstring.
  • Grasp each elbow behind your head and pull.

You can perform these stretches in and out of the swim spa. We highly recommend that you do these before and after your exercises.

aquatic stretching

Exercise in Style with a Swim Spa from Aqua Leisure

Aquatic exercises in a swim spa are like hitting the fitness jackpot. You get to work out, relax, and have fun all in one go. Whether you’re doing gentle stretches or powering through laps, the water’s got your back, making it easy on your joints while you get stronger and healthier.

And the best part? It’s for everyone! Young, not-so-young, fitness buffs, or those just wanting to unwind – there’s something in a swim spa for all. So, why not jump in and make a splash in your wellness journey?

These are just a few of the aquatic exercises you can do in your own swim spa. If you don’t have one, you can contact us at any of our three locations in Wilkes-Barre, Dickson City, and Tannersville to change that. If you do have one, check out how we recommend keeping it clean. And remember, our team is always here to help with expert advice on maximizing your swim spa experience.