5 Awesome Games to Play in the Swimming Pool!
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Believe it or not, there are more things to do in a pool than playing Marco Polo and floating around. Especially if you have kids, you want some way to entertain yourself and your guests without filling your pool with inflatable toys. The best kinds of swimming pool games involve next to no-clean up. Check out the games here.

So, here are a couple more games that are fun for adults and kids to play in any pool. Try them out!

#1. Lost Bottle

If you’ve never played this one, you must not have had a pool growing up. The way you play this game is simple. You fill up an empty bottle, typically a water bottle without a wrapper on it, and fill it with pool water, and let it sink and float around your pool. Then it’s a race to see who finds it first.

Even if you all use goggles, it’s not the easiest thing to find, as we’re sure you’ll find out. This game tests your ability to see underwater and to hold your breath. You can even test everyone’s diving skills if you start outside the pool, and have people dive in when they see it. You can make a lot of adjustments to this game to make it more fun.

And by the end of the game, your pool is plastic-free, unless you and all of your family and friends stink at the game. Yes, that was a challenge. Also, use a water bottle you’ve finished drinking from. We’re not telling you to waste water here.

#2. Handstand Contest

Hopefully, you’re seeing a pattern here. Not only are these toyless games, but the winner is getting a lot of bragging rights. Not only are you competing to see who can do a handstand the longest with a contest, but you’re also finding out who can hold their breath longer too.

This game is pretty self-explanatory, you do a handstand in your pool. Playing at the deeper end or lower end of your pool is how you make the game harder or easier. The only thing you really need is for one person to be the judge. You don’t want any cheaters, but also you want to make sure nobody pushes themselves too hard. This is a game of contest, we dare you to win.

#3. Atomic Whirlpool

A lot of these games have been pretty simple and ultra-competitive so far. How about something that necessitates a little teamwork? Atomic Whirlpool requires that you put a bit of work into it, especially if your pool is pretty big or you don’t have a lot of people. We highly recommend this as a party game. What you want to do is get everyone at the edge of your pool, and then start walking in the same direction for 30 seconds. Then you want to jog for 30 seconds, before finally running for 30 seconds.

Do you know what you’ve just done? You’ve created a whirlpool, and now you all have to struggle to not be pulled into the current! It’s almost impossible! The last one standing wins!

We said this wasn’t as competitive as the other games, we lied. This is all about competition, may the best swimmer win!

#4. Octopus

Okay, seriously this is a little less competitive than the others. One player is the “octopus,” who stands in the middle of the pool. Then the rest of the players line up on one side of the pool before trying to get to the other. Whosoever the “octopus” chases them, and tries to tag them. If they do, the person tagged sits where they were, and tries to tag other people.

We say this is less competitive, because eventually, everyone becomes an octopus, there is no escape. If you do want to add some competitiveness to it, you can try to measure who lasts the longest, or make the person last to be tagged the next “octopus.” We encourage competitions in our pool games… if that wasn’t obvious.

#5. Chicken Fight

We know we said this before, but if you’ve never played this game before, we truly fear for your childhood. This is the ultimate contest of champions, the test of wills, and a feat of strength and teamwork.

What do you have to do? You get someone on your shoulders, and help them knock another person off a fourth person’s shoulders. Dangerous? Not at all, that’s what the pool is for. Will egos be shattered? Most likely.

Obviously, we also encourage no punching or kicking, you want to try to push or wrestle the opposing team into the water. To also keep the game safe, have set boundaries for a ring out, keep everyone from the edge of the pool. The only thing that should be getting hurt, is the pride of a bunch of losers.

Try Them Out at Your Next Pool Party

The most important thing you need to play these pool games is a pool. If you want to play and don’t have a pool, contact us today and fix that.

If you already have one, then the next important thing is to make sure it’s clean and safe for your friends and family. We have guides and tips on how to best do that too. So get out in the sun, have some fun, and check out more of what Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas has to offer you.