Swimming Pool Game Selection
adults playing games in a swimming pool

Some days, we like to float around the pool with our sunglasses on and hope that we get a tan. Other days, we want to play every pool game imaginable. But when the time comes, we can never seem to think of good games to play. The pool professionals at Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas have compiled a list of our all-time favorites for you, your family, and your friends to play this summer!

Marco Polo – A Classic Swimming Pool Game

If you ask almost anyone you know if they have ever played Marco Polo in the pool as a child, the answer is most likely going to be yes. This game is a summertime classic that is super simple because all you need are some players, a pool, and some creativity. For those who don’t know how to play, we’ve got you covered. 

To begin, you select one person to be “it.” This person then closes their eyes and counts to a certain number while the other players spread out throughout the pool. The person who is “it” then wades around the swimming pool, calling out “Marco” to which the other players must respond with “Polo!” The person who is “it” then searches the pool based on what they hear and what they feel with their hands and when they find someone, that person then becomes “it.” 

For a backyard filled with giggles and splashes, be sure to suggest this classic game!

Pool Volleyball

Playing traditional volleyball with your cousins at the family reunion is a thing of the past. Take the game to the pool with an inflatable net! 

Much like a typical game, the goal of pool volleyball is to be the first team to reach 11 points. Each team, consisting of at least 1 player each, takes turns serving the ball and hitting it back and forth across the net. So, who wants to be the referee? 

Noodle Tennis

Keep that inflatable net handy, you’ll need it for this game! Gather some friends, a few pool noodles, and a beach ball and you’re ready to begin. Divide into two teams of two and hit the beach ball back and forth across the net using your pool noodles as tennis rackets. Scoring can be a little tricky, but you don’t have to follow this scoring guide if you just want to have fun!

  • 0 points = Love
  • 1 point = 15
  • 2 points = 30
  • 3 points = 40
  • Tied score = All
  • 40-40 = Deuce
  • Server wins deuce point = Ad-In
  • Receiver wins deuce point = Ad-Out

Chicken Fight – A Good Pool Game to End Your Day

If you’re looking for a final showdown game to end your day in the pool, a good old chicken fight is the best way to go. To play this game, you need to have an even amount of players. Players pair up and one player gets onto the shoulders of their partner. The teams of two then walk around the pool, trying to knock other players off of their partner’s shoulders. Whoever is the last team standing wins!

When playing this game, you must also be mindful of your surroundings. Do not push players that are close to the edge of the pool and make sure the players you are pushing will not fall on other players. Exercise safety when partaking in this activity.


Swimming pools aren’t just for swimming. They’re for spending time with friends and family, and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Invest in yours today to create your own personal backyard oasis, and check out more games to play! Contact us for a free quote.