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If you’re from Northeast Pennsylvania, you’re well aware of the tumultuous weather we sometimes experience in the summer months. The mornings start off sunny and calm, only for the skies to open up, wind to ravage your back yard, and then in a flash, it’s over. Weather events happen like this quite a bit, but when they do, is your pool prepared? 

How Storms and Weather Events Impact Pools

Be it the typical NEPA thunderstorm with moderate winds or something more extreme, storms can be damaging to your pool.

Common damage may be debris like dirt, tree branches, and trash entering the pool. While this may be unavoidable, there are ways you can protect your pool from much more costly damage.

Preparing Your Pool For Summer Storms and Weather Events

There are several actions you may want to take to prepare your pool for a weather event; however, you may be damaging your pool more than you think.

Do Not Drain Your Pool

Contaminants and debris are likely to enter your pool during a summer storm. Because of this, you may feel compelled to drain some of the water out, leaving the pool less likely to overflow and collect debris.

However, this is not recommended. Draining your pool actually leaves the pool walls and floor susceptible to damage from such debris and contaminants. In addition, your pool could actually end up floating from the unequal force of the water.

Do Not Use a Pool Cover

While this has mixed reviews, if a severe storm is coming your way, it is often suggested you not place your pool cover onto the pool surface. In general, high winds can cause the cover to blow off, and you may actually damage the cover.

Do Balance the Chemicals

There is nothing wrong with being proactive! With that said, we recommend that you shock your pool before a big storm so any debris and pollutants that enter the water will be easier to clean and less likely to cause algae to spread.

Do Put Lawn Furniture Away

You may have witnessed large hotels and resorts throwing beach chairs and lawn items into the pool water to stop them from blowing around in a storm. However, this is likely to cause damage to the pool liner and floor.

Instead, properly store your lawn items to ensure they do not cause property damage.

Do Power Off Any Electrical Sources

Water and electricity don’t mix. Seems obvious enough, but many pool owners often forget to unplug and disconnect any electrical connections to their pools and power sources prior to a storm.

Any exposed equipment, including motors, should be covered or removed completely if a severe storm is coming your way.

Storms can cause damage in an instant, but when you prepare ahead, you can save your pool and property from a lot of damage.

Prepare Your Pool For Weather Events with Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas

Summer storms are upon us. Be prepared for anything with the pool professionals of Aqua Leisure Pools and Spas. Contact us today to discuss how you can protect your pool from summer storms.

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