Facts About Swimming Pools!
swimming pool facts

We’ve been swimming for fun for millennia, with the oldest swimming pool dating back to 3000 B.C. But in Pennsylvania, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find someplace to swim. To swim whenever you want through the summer, you should have a swimming pool. Learn some interesting pool facts about one of most people’s favorite activities. 

Fun Pool Fact #1: Pool Water is the Same as Tap Water

This may sound strange, maybe even bad at first, but consider this: how often have you been told that swimming pools are full of chemicals that will burn your eyes and your skin? That’s a total myth. 

While you shouldn’t purposely drink pool water, considering you swim in it, it’s no different than the water you drink. With a working filter, your pool should be sanitary, regularly cleaned, and balanced with a few chemicals. 

Fun Pool Fact #2: The Current Pool Filter Design is Over 100 Years Old

Talk about getting something right the first time. Technology, no matter how simple or complicated, is improved upon with repeated reworks and experience. There are rare instances where you get something right and don’t have to improve. Pool experts have been trying, but the rapid sand filter remains one of, if not the best filtration and circulation filters for inground pools. It’s a cost-efficient way to make sure a pool does not need to be fed fresh water on a regular basis to stay clean and healthy. 

Fun Pool Fact #3: Swimming Burns 850 Calories Per Hour

Have you been looking for a new way to keep in shape? Swimming is one of the most effective ways to exercise. Being in the water relieves your muscles and bones of the added weight that comes with exercise, while allowing the body to use up all your stored calories before the day is over. 

While other activities like running and lifting weights can take a toll on your body, they also strengthen only certain muscles. Swimming workouts that you can do in an inground pool target all your major muscle groups, and some small ones too. 

Fun Pool Fact #4: Half of Americans Can’t Swim

Nearly half of Americans can’t swim to save their lives, and while you can avoid the water altogether, there is no way to truly avoid every situation you can find yourself in. Swimming is a necessary skill and if you can’t swim, now is the time to learn.

At the same time, it’s funny to think about how many people have just forgotten to pick up this skill. The best way to catch up is to have a pool for yourself and a teacher you trust to help you learn. Then you can help your family learn. Break the cycle, and learn how to swim.

Fun Pool Fact #5: Most Pools Are Made With Vinyl Lining

There are about 5 million inground pools in the United States, and about one-third of them have vinyl linings. Vinyl is material that goes between the ground and the pool’s structure. It’s a polymer material that’s good for fitting various shapes.

It is not the best at lasting forever, nor is its maintenance hassle-free. That’s why we recommend that when you’re looking into getting a new inground pool, you consider going with fiberglass lining rather than vinyl. It never has to be repaired, needs even fewer chemicals to clean, less electricity to run the filter, never leaks, and doesn’t get too hot if it lies in the sun.

5 million is a big club to be a part of, but while exclusivity can be cool, having something in common with so many people can be just as cool in a different way.

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